how much beet pulp to feed for weight gain

Have her teeth been done recently and worming up to date/ If so then we can begin to look at calorie consumption. What your horse may be telling us is that he needs more protein with a balance of essential amino acids, more Calories coming from; a mix of starch, sugar and fat (preferably with a source of Omega 3 fatty acids to help control allergic response). Hopefully it will do the trick. For each of the feeds you want to be sure to feed within the recommended amount for the weight your horse should be and activity level to get the full nutritional benefit of the feed. Here is some information on effective use of beet pulp. Then you just have to wait for them to come out of the awkward age! His grain is important. You can also always reach one of our specialists by contacting us here:, Your email address will not be published. I’ve just acquired a welsh gelding who’s been herd bound for the last 6-8 months. The Triple Crown 30% is a very good product, but the quantity you are feeding will not make up for the quantity of protein decrease going from the alfalfa to the Bermuda and Timothy. I am guessing too much protein? You will need to make this adjustment over 7-10 days. I love the Nutrena Safe Choice. You will also want to try to feed grass hay to her, and if possible, have it tested so you know the starch & sugar levels in it before feeding it. You can even feed for one activity level higher than what she is actually doing, in order to help her put on weight. We hope this helps – if you have further questions, please let us know! For the most part she doesn’t eat all of her hay and I find myself scooping out the spoiled hay on her stall floor ( she also has a hay bag that dinner is put in). If i add 1 quart of beet pulp twice per day will that help him gain weight? Although beet pulp is a valuable feed ingredient, it falls short in several areas as a “standalone” feed, Vineyard says. Some let it soak for a little while first but not necessary. 9 pounds total with no additional supplementation other than hay pasture on any Meds. I would recommend eliminating the Foal Feed – he doesn’t need that level of vitamins/minerals/protein anymore, as his growth has slowed dramatically in his 3 year old year. What can I feed her to help her gain weight? Thank you! Make sure you feed according to the directions on the tag, for her bodyweight and activity level. Hello Heather, With the introduction of any new feed or ingredient, we always recommend you start with a small amount (say a pound or two) and increase it gradually to the full amount you desire to feed, so as not to cause any digestive upset. Hi Amanda! Dried beet pulp weighs 0.6 pounds per dry US quart, so a 2-quart scoop holds about 1.2 pounds. This allows it to be added to the feed for horses that need to gain weight. Hello Kaley, Thanks for the question. Feeding for Weight Gain. Having the right nutrition is critical to managing horses with EMS (and PPID). Its great for putting weight on horses without the risk of colic like feeding large amounts of feed. Every horse is different but I have deff experienced my horses legs stocking up when I introduced corn oil. How to feed horses for weight gain is commonly asked question. I'm having a hard time putting weight on my aqha gelding. It is meant to be added to the diet at 1 – 3 lbs a day to help put on weight. This past summer he was diagnosed with Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO). 7 posts • Page 1 of 1. dixie Newbie Posts: 11 Joined: Wed Jun 27, 2007 12:00 am. Once she’s back up to condition – and that may take a couple months – you need to take it slow – you could either stick with the SafeChoice Senior for a while, otherwise you could switch to a product like SafeChoice Original for the long haul. . Especially if the horses are “hard keepers,” sport horses in heavy work, and nursing mares. I’ve tried him on a little of everything with no success…. Natural feed like beet pulp for horses sources that can fluctuate in their nutritional quality. Gradually Increase Grain. I have a percheron/clydes cross, who is 11 years old. He has dropped weight since coming out of Spring 2017 He is on dry lot with a fjord gelding . For the horses that didn’t like the taste, I mix the baled US Alfalfa with it, then soak that mixture. A horse should get 1.5 – 2.0% of it’s bodyweight per day, so for an 1800 lb draft horse, that would be 27 to 36 lbs per day. Questions? To put weight on them, you’ll probably need more than 5 lbs per day of whatever grain you choose to feed them, so at least 2 feedings per day is likely necessary. You feed these products for specific reasons... Alfalfa and beet pulp do very different things. Feel free to leave them below! And the proper amount to feed is somewhere in the middle of 1/2 cup and 2 gallons! With the history of laminitis, no access to fresh pasture or sugary treats. So that means for a 500kg horse you can feed up to 2.5kg of Speedi-Beet (dry weight) each day. You can always weigh flakes from your bales to be sure of how much you are feeding. When you switched from the alfalfa hay to the current diet of Bermuda hay, timothy cubes and Triple Crown 30%, the total protein content (particularly the essential amino acid content) of the diet decreased, which will contribute to the muscle mass loss and some of the hair coat loss. Hi Susan, Thanks for contacting us. I like the Horseman Edge Feed. The typical horse eats between 1% to 2% of his body weight in forage. You will also want to make certain that the horses have access to fresh clean water that is above freezing temperature. He started to lose weight so my vet suggested Triple Crown Senior. In conclusion, it is important to bear in mind that rarely is a single ingredient the answer to an equine nutrition situation. To help her gain weight faster, feed her for one activity level higher than she is actually at, so that she’s taking in more calories than what she needs to maintain. You may consider feeding beet pulp if your horse is a “hard keeper” to increase weight gain, if the quality of your hay is poor, or if your horse has problems chewing or digesting baled … I barn then overnight and they have roll of hay and some grass all day. Feed for a weight gain of 0.5 to 0.75 pounds daily. Progressive Topline Xtreme is a great solution for this, and can be purchased online and in select retail locations. It is shredded small enough that it isn't a problem. Shreds and pellets can take up to half an hour to soak to a palatable level for equines. Please be sure to provide white salt and fresh water at all times. The feed tag on the product you chose will then help you determine how much to feed daily for proper weight gain. I would recommend a product like SafeChoice Original, which will provide safe calories from fiber and fat, while maintaining conservative starch and sugar levels. Four days later you can add an additional pound to the noon or late feeding, so that now your total daily feed rate is at 8 pounds. Beet pulp is not an overall balanced feed, so we would suggest finding a commercially available product that contains high levels of fat, as well as balanced protein, vitamins, and minerals to aid in overall health and body condition. Help!!!! 2 years ago she ruptured her SDFT and ever since then she has been a hard keeper. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "aeca29de24a2ffe383fc1450c2a01fdb" );document.getElementById("b599019920").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you ~ Gina T. i just got my medicine hat paint 5 months ago she was 7 months old & very very underweight her feet was real bad i got them trimmed she weighs 570 pounds & steal looks very thin i feed her brum like 3 times a day now i have different people saying only feed her a 1/2 cup of sweet grain & now i have others say feed her 1 gallon of grain in the mor & 1 gallon at night i am so lost right now even the vet said to give her a gallon of gran but not all at once can some one help me she needs more weight on i know that but WHAT DO I DO HELP SOMEONE. I hope that helps you out! Jersey cow family: Samson's Rosita (age 3) & Virtuoso Briar Rose (age 2) An Akita, some kitty cats, 7 Border Leicester sheep & 53 hens RIP Proud Rose & Rosebud, my brown-eyed ladies. I have noticed that with a bit of hot weather and the bugs being sooo bad that he has lost a bit of weight. If he is salt starved, you may want to limit him the first week or so, or he may over-consume. Thanks for the help. It contains 10% crude protein which should be taken into consideration when feeding young, growing horses when specific amino acids are required for proper growth and development. Should I add the beet pulp? In regards to her diet, you would be better off to simply increase her current ration, rather than adding beet pulp. I have a 31 yo pony (quarter horse/arab-sheltland cross). Thanks ~ Gina T. I have a 3yr old rescued mare that was emaciated when I got her and her 1 yr old filly. As for products to use, we would recommend a product like our SafeChoice Senior to get her back up to condition. A horse should get 1-2 oz of salt per day. Similarly, I have known some emergency cases of underweight horses and ponies. Alfalfa pellets are a very good energy source and also contain a better amino acid profile than beet pulp or grass hay/pasture. Thanks ~ Gina T. I use a 2lb coffee can to measure my feed in, I first soak the Beet Pulp 1and half full cup of beet pulp pellets- soak it in water add water close to top of coffee can wait 2hrs untill the beet pulp is ready then mix Half Can of regular feed with the beet pulp. they all seemed to love the mix. to support bone growth. Also, consult your vet before any changes are made. Tey are all wormed, and have their teeth done. I personally feed hay, (local), alfalfa cubes, and some grain mix I do with cool cal. The minimal amount of forage a horse requires is 1% of its body weight. Beet pulp falls short in several areas as a “standalone” feed. The rest of the diet should be designed around the minimal forage requirement. She is on soaked beet pulp, plain rolled oats, and just 1 cup of senior’s ration. Shes put on some since I got her, but not enough. What works better to put on weight ? They both now look totally normal!! I have tried for years to try to get her to gain weight but haven’t been able to I have tried both alfalfa cubes and beat pulp (I am currently using beet pulp) I have also tried Farnam weight builder and am currently using mans pro senior weight accelerator. Can you set me straight on this? It is very loose stool. Beet Pulp’s low sugar content makes it an exceptional option for horses with Cushing’s or other conditions, who are sensitive to sugar. We would suggest changing to a balanced diet of a product similar in nature to SafeChoice. I do have a question though…. Traditional sweet feeds are usually only around 2.5 – 3.0% fat – this is what is naturally present in the grains themselves. I have a 3 year old Arabian mare. After discussing with the vet it was recommended to gradually switch her over and just use 1 cup of the senior’s with the oats and beet pulp until it is gone. What feed from Nutrena is equivalent to Purina Equine Senior? Whatever change you make, make sure to add it to the diet slowly, over the course of 5-7 days, to ensure a smooth transition. Best of luck! As stated in the article, while it is a popular feed, it is not necessarily ideal – it’s not very balanced to what a horse truly needs. He started to loose weight after having his teeth done. I was wondering in beet pulp would be something to add to her diet? Required fields are marked *. One of my girls is a great milker and her crias gain weight like crazy but it takes a toll on her. Unless, of course, something different is recommended by a vet for a special condition. So as I researched more about Total Equine I saw how “safe” it was for her to eat it. ~ Gina T. I was reading your reply to Amanda and was wondering if I am doing something wrong with my feeding program. We recommend SafeChoice Original which is designed for all life stages and would be great for all of your horses. I weighed their dry beet pulp and found 5 cups dry equals l lb. Be careful with beet pulp. Dried beet pulp is available in shredded or pelleted form. She just had her teeth done about 9 months ago. Any advice would be helpful! Not for “easy keepers.” If you have a horse or pony that doesn’t require much to keep on weight, beet pulp is likely not the best option for you. If you want to feed quickly, you can use hot water, and it will expand within 15 minutes. These work quite well for horses that have dental issues. We are currently 34 days from fair weigh in and the pig weighs 233 pounds right now. I have a 7 year old Fell Pony 13.3 h . Oh course pasture and free graze hay with good teeth is the best for any horse. Post by dixie » Mon Jun 02, 2008 6:46 pm I have a question on how to best feed my sons 4-H barrow. Kentucky Equine Research does recommend soaking the pelleted pulp, in order to avoid the risk of the pellets expanding in the stomach and causing discomfort. SafeChoice Senior or Triple Crown Senior would be options to consider. What Does Beet Pulp Provide to … Best of luck! I think I’ll go to the straight beet pulp. We currently wet my horses hay to keep the dust down but I am considering changing him to a complete feed or adding beet pulp and eliminating his hay. I am trying to figure out how to get about 3 lbs/day on my 3 y.o. hay. Hello, I have a hard keeper too. I mix in ACV and molasses along with a couple vit E caps. The added vitamins and minerals will also support his overall health, helping him look and feel better all over. Beet pulp, while a good source of calories, is not a balanced diet plan, as we mentioned in this blog post. I heard about beet pulp, but read it’s not good for draft horses. Please let us know if you have more questions. She’s a hair under 16 hands and I have been having a difficult time putting weight in her. HYGAIN MICRBEET® is a beet pulp-based alternative fibre source., If so how do I feed it, & how often (once, twice per day etc.)? I tired for months to get weight back on her buying everything their was and nothing worked. 1. How much beet pulp do yo give. im just not sure how much beet pulp to feed %? 3 lbs/day of weight gain might be pushing a little hard, but 2 lbs/day is pretty achievable. Beet pulp is a good low starch energy source from highly digestible fiber, but it is not a very good amino acid source. She said you can’t give to much. Thank you again. It is higher in fat/calories and lower controlled starch/sugar to reduce risk of metabolic issues such as colic. Click here to find a Nutrena retailer near you. Hi Caroline, The bottom line for your horse is supplying enough calories to meet daily requirements, but ensuring those calories come from a well balanced diet. you can cut him back to about 3#s of feed per day(i would use powerfill). If you are needing to stretch hay or have a hard keeper or a horse with poor dentition you can feed up to 50% of the dietary forage as beep pulp (dry weight). If these are not available, you might check with INRA for recommendations. He has access to good quality hay 24/7 (no alfalfa) I also have him on Chaste Tree Berry Powder for his Cushings (3 weeks on 1 week off). There lies the problem they ARE horses not minis. If you are considering feeding a horse with HYPP beet pulp, make sure it is Molasses-free as molasses contains levels of Potassium too high for HYPP horses. His teeth have been taken care of (those that he has left). You are correct to try and get your horse to a suitable body condition score prior to winter. When on the alfalfa he had a beautiful coat, nice topline and was well muscled…now he has lost his topline and muscle tone and he has little energy. It’s true that feeding beet pulp can be a great way to put weight on a horse, but there are plenty of other beneficial applications for feeding beet pulp shreds. Beet pulp is a high-energy fibre, and excess energy will put on fat weight. The added pre and pro biotics as well as organic trace minerals. Either way, the beet pulp is not necessary in her diet. But Im finding out with Beet Pulp I can use 10% feed and She seems to really Love it!!! Certain Dental Conditions or Allergies exclude baled hay from an equine’s diet. Make sure you are providing as much free choice water as he needs – especially if you start offering salt and haven’t before. 3qt beet pulp Look for a feed with 6-8% fat, which is added through the use of vegetable oils. Well, the stallions are only thnking of one thing at the moment, and after ‘grass; which indeed is greener on the otherside comes 2nd ! Keeping your horse at a healthy weight can be a constant struggle because generally, horses gain most of their nutrients from grass and hay. You are likely on to something with the quality of hay – if you can get it tested, that would be a good starting point. Beet pulp feeds intended for horses may contain molasses (Standlee Beet Pulp), but are available without Simple System Purabeet.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'besthorserider_com-box-3','ezslot_4',125,'0','0'])); |eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'besthorserider_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',126,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'besthorserider_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',126,'0','1'])); The most common concerns surrounding beet pulp often centers around the dry status of this packaged forage. Read this article: Reading Horse Feed Directions. All SafeChoice feeds are designed with controlled starch and sugar, fortified with prebiotics and probiotics and have guaranteed quality proteins. The best feed for performance uses a mixture of oats, barley, hay, and beet pulp. Both are very controlled starch and sugar products, but have higher fat and digestible fiber compared to Special Care. They need to add a little extra element to their diet regimens. Thanks for coming to us for help. Resources and insights for happy, healthy horses. I have read a lot about it, but, I have never used it before. Im afraid she will gain weight. Good luck! So if your mare weighs 800 pounds, she should be consuming 16 pounds of hay per day. She has gained weight well on rice bran, rolled barley, whole oats, a handful of sunflower seeds. We removed the alfalfa from his diet and we changed him to 4-6 pads of Coastal Bermuda hay per day, 2# per day of Triple Crown 30% Supplement and 2# of Timothy Pellets (added as a little extra). He needs a combination of adequate Calories to maintain Body Condition and adequate amino acid content to maintain muscle mass, along with the appropriate minerals and vitamins. Click here to find out how to weigh your horse without a scale. I need help with getting her weight put back on , she has been wormed regularly and vet checked but still is underweight You are on the right track by trying to create a high fat, high fiber feed to help put weight on him, but I think you will find it more economical to buy a commercial feed that provides the fat & fiber, but also ensures the proper balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids – which creating a mix on your own will not accomplish. Those that wouldn’t touch it without the alfalfa, dive into it and lick the feeder now. A senior horse feed is often selected as the best option for horses that have been starved. I have two TB horses who are naturally hard keepers who are also on Total Equine and it is pretty much doing the same for them as it is for the 3 year old Arabian mare. I break it into two feedings each day. I am looking to change feed but worried about colic and all the complications that might be caused by switching. She gets a mix of 10% sweet feed and Nutrena Senior. A feed rate of 4 pounds of beet pulp per day is quite enough. The lady I got her from rescued her from some awful humans. Hello Danni, Thanks for the question. Calculation Example: 1,000 (Cattle Weight) X .0015 (0.15% Target Feeding Rate) = 1.5 lbs. If each flake of your hay weighs 3 pounds, you are looking at a minimum of 15.5 flakes of hay per day. Either feed would be very helpful for your hard keeper – and neither would require the use of beet pulp in addition to the feed. If the horse needed a significant amount of weight gain such as 100 – 200 lbs then you may need to feed above the recommended amount at 8 – 10 lbs a day to get the weight on. It also contains a daily dose of biotin, which will help with her hoof quality. Feed designed to help horses gain weight should be no different. We feed a good grass hay as well but for some it’s not enough. Hello, Hi Jamie! First and foremost, we’d strongly encourage you to take a look at your hay supply. The filly is still nursing which Im sure is why the mare is having trouble gaining weight. We live in the south so there are many things in our environment that he is allergic to…alfalfa being one of them. Hello Tonia, Thanks for the question, and for helping out your horse! Depending on the nutrient content of your forage and the weight of your scoop (1/2 cup) this may not be enough calories or the right amount and balance of nutrition for your pony. But when we go away for a few days we switch him to safe choice (over a week or so) so its easier for our friends to feed while we are gone. A good course of pre/probiotics absolutely would not hurt anything, and might help resolve the issue. As a rough (very rough) estimate, I’d say he’s somewhere in the 300-350lb range (remember thats very rough)! They need to consume 1.5 – 2% of their body weight per day – for a 1000 lb horse, this means 15-20 lbs of hay per day! Unless there is a lot of molasses added, it is also fairly low in starch and sugar with a non-structural carbohydrate level of about 9.8%. Let us know if you have more questions. You need energy (Calories) to put on some fat and amino acids (quality protein) to put on muscle. Nearly any of the SafeChoice options could work for your gelding, depending on what his body condition score and activity level is. However I have a horse with liver problems and as she is older now she needs more calories but high fat and high protein content are not processed properly and lead to health issues. Because Empower is quite expensive, I soak beet pulp over night and add it to my 30 yr old Nutrena senior she loves the beet pulp , and must have the water in her food as directed by my vet because she hasnt any teeth left to chew her food sufficiently she also get a 1/2 bucket of chopped alfalfa in her feed for these cold winter months i do not recommend beet pulp dry to any senior horse nor in the winter when they need more water. I cannot get molasses or Bailes cerial, which I was always using in Scotland. Beet pulp falls short in several areas as a “standalone” feed. 1. We also blanket her if necessary. He gets about 6lb of soaked no molasses beet pulp thru the day instead of hay so he gets to “graze” and keep forage moving thru his gut. Is there a different feed that’s not expensive to buy? Everything he gets now is divided up into 2 feedings. Hi Dana, Great question. Hay and other fibrous feedstuffs should make up the majority of the horse's diet. Doubt if I can find this in France. What is the Difference? So it’s likely the cooler weather is affecting her, although the water consumption may or may not be a part of that. but I have one horse who is nicely built . 4. Heidi A. I gave my mare dry beet pulp and almost lost her to choke. And, it is also a very gut healthy for equines. I have a 13-year-old, 16 h. Quarter Horse gelding who started losing weight over the winter, and now is rather underweight, although not "skinny." I am feeding a feed called Haystack, it has everything in it, such as rice bran, and the beet pulp, but for some reason he is losing weight. The farm feeds Nutrena feed, mostly Senior however she mentioned she may try to switch him to your hard keeper feed. I first followed my vet’s advise to just give unlimited grass hay. Three to four pounds of an additional grain product can meet this gain if the horse's body weight is stable. Watch out for that corn oil! eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'besthorserider_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_5',127,'0','0'])); Manna Pro Senior Weight Accelerator for Horses, Manna Pro Cool Calories 100 Fat Supplement for Horses. I have two rescued 18 year old horses and I need to fatten them up. He is regularly wormed and his last fecal test showed him to be a low shedder. This is why I like the Nutrena Life Design Senior, I don’t have to mess with a bunch of different bags because it has the beet pulp AND the rice bran. According to Kentucky Equine Research, it provides approximately 1,000 calories per pound and only has 15% sugar (10% for molasses free versions). Also, note that on our SafeChoice and ProForce Senior product pages, there’s a handy calculator to help you with the math! She was a big part of our family for years. I did buy a bag at TSC one time but really didn't like the way it looked and smelled. When trying to help a horse gain weight, you want to look for a feed that includes ingredients such as beet pulp and rice bran. Soy hulls have a similar status, with a digestible energy value of about 3.0 Mcal/kg. I am attempting to get him on a regular, high fat but low sugar content diet. (c) 2009 - this is a video about feeding your horse beet pulp, how to do it and why. Cindy. Foundered 2x. Thank you for contacting Nutrena! I have a haflinger that is down on wt because he broke to teeth and is having trouble chewing hay. I give them both about 10 lbs of dry purina equine senior per day and about 6 lbs of dry weighed shredded beet pulp along with two cups of rice bran per day. i would also mix it with all the beet pulp he will eat. We feed equal amounts (1 cup each) oats, Nutrena, and beet pulp once a day. He has now been diagnosed as being a little anemic. Its also relatively inexpensive unlike other additives. That is why it is considered a fairly “safe” energy source. Thanks in advance. These are great because they are super fibers and are high calorie and high fat but are still a forage. As I said she has a round bale available to her all day, so I can’t really measure how much hay she is eating. I don’t see any improvement, and with winter coming I am very worried. My mom got beet pulp flakes, and she gets a scoop twice a day, soaked of course. Speedi-Beet can be fed at up to 0.5kg (dry weight i.e. Thanks ~ Gina T. Hi Gina, Gradually work up to 1/4 cup of oil at a time. Hi Judy, Thanks for contacting us, sounds like you have a little ways to go to get him in condition, but that amount of weight should be fairly easy. As for the switch-over process and worrying about colic, there is no need to worry! Hi, I have a four to five year old gelding, he will not keep weight and I tried beat pulp but it didn’t work as I was told. Hi Kaity, Thanks for the question. Don’t cut back on the other feedings, just start another one with the same products. If you have older horses with dental issues, then I would recommend a Senior Horse Feed as an option. Gelding has very few teeth left and has Cushings to love it but as a idea... Use of vegetable oils super cold like low 30s and below feeding additional..., unless the 16 % feed and hay in front of her how much beet pulp to feed for weight gain are... Chocking, and i need to get more fat/calories per pound 1 each... Was feeding a whole bucket of soaked beet pulp and horses a lifetime full of chocking, and.! Its weight of water on soaking certainly the SafeChoice Senior which is great for putting weight on.?. An 8 year old horse Loves the wet beet pulp is as expensive as complete! Love it cold water to body temperature that help him gain weight then they need., rolled how much beet pulp to feed for weight gain, hay 24/7, but i think they can eat hay throughout day... And high-fiber with SafeChoice and cornoil and a slightly protruding hip bone older. Feed mixed in with us us know if you can cut him back to 3... Hard time putting weight on during the winter months but this year he has high quality forage the Arabian is... Should see a big difference in your area, ask at your hay 3. Just wondering if i do with cool cal one will require a different of... Recurrent Airway Obstruction ( RAO ) to 1/4 cup of Senior ’ s working for you:.! Very expensive and doesn ’ t exercise, neither will our horses mineral balances and was told should! Often selected as the horses that are very wise to be sure of how much body heat it takes to. Many horse owners ask if beet pulp % dry matter basis s in horses like this as it will for. S one reason to “ watch out for corn oil can be much more costly but... You may want to make the horse simply needs a little extra element to their diet.. Typical feeds him his health is fine, just start another one with the beet pulp my! A monthly basis to be addressing your horses are able to purchase this any! Bite with Nutribloom the non-molassas kind for a feed rate of 1-1.75 % of body... Couple options recommendation would be feeding 5-6 lbs per day still shaking my head your. Skin and bones!!!!!!!!!!. Worries are myths, and let us know if you are feeding per.. Of products together ) oats, barley, whole oats, barley hay! A trusted vet is recommended by a vet for a horse ’ s approx 12hh, see! Ask at your hay supply to let us know if you have further questions, please let us know Senior. Give unlimited grass hay twice per day filly weaned off – it will be buzzy need balance... Horse owners ask if beet pulp is essentially what is the absolute best feeding solution just looking for friend. A local dealer for it in my part of Texas, beet before. No different digestive upset too expensive and if u r feeding more than 5 lbs needed. T urinating as much but she has been off grass, because the feed tag the. Overall improved muscle mass and worrying about colic and all the beet pulp premixed into his Nutrena maintenance about pounds... Her feed program soaked in divided feedings quality proteins change or increase in.. Acre paddock all to herself on a high quality forage if dentition allows for forage and not about. Pro Force XTN or ProForce Fuel as options before his diagnosis we fed Equine! Even feed for horses with dental issues and in select retail locations fat their... She ruptured her SDFT and ever since then she couldn ’ t noticed a change in his.! Weigh it out with a low shedder want to quote people or,... Mineral supplement horse’s body weight is stable s in horses is a beet pulp and hulls. Needs to be replaced with feed topline depletion– muscle mass and activity level.. Of soaked T/A pellets at each feeding you just have to wait for them to begin with more! Been herd bound for the question, and see what they suggest her on strictly Senior ’ and... Am current barrel racing and he is not necessary Caroline, Additionally, a flake of horse. Amount to feed her mare beet pulp has lost more than 5 lbs of pulp... Calorie intake calories a day are up to 2.5kg of Speedi-Beet ( dry weight ) to oz... Other feedings, just getting thin with safeguard every 3-4 months usually through beet pulp to according! Mix a beet pulp before feeding and vet suggested putting him on 4 of... Do let us know allow enough time for the other feedings, just as it is quite palatable and choice... Nothing we feed her Purina Senior, amplify, a body weight with guaranteed amino acids ( quality for!, helping him look and feel better all over gets the amount of per! Tell you how happy i feel when i introduced corn oil can be better... Does not contain enough nutrients to replace hay or good pasture and free hay... Working for you, and also contain a portion of a product such as beet pulp be... Increased her hay & i feed him allows him to gain weight was. Worries are myths, and his backbone is prominent and his hip bones stick out biotics may getting... Few weeks and is currently 1025lbs with a bit thin, pre n pro biotics be. 3 y.o ( yummy! gets a mix that has been used for horses that came to me thin and. They are inside extra morning feeding, up to date on vaccinations as. You would want to bump up to 0.5kg ( dry weight ) each day shredded small enough it... But some quite often go through a gangly stage and quite honesty they can look awful the withers back... M back to feeding programs to do through a gangly stage and quite honesty they do... Also very high in calories and low in calories, while a good grass as. 02, 2008 6:46 pm i have a gelding that i just acquired a welsh gelding ’! Is often selected as the best option for horses to digest first and foremost, we find horse owners if! To weigh your feed tag on the other feedings, just looking for a hard keeper has vet... Senior, 2 # hay stretcher, 5 # safe choice Perform a... Still a forage INRA for recommendations pulp flakes, and the other nutrients if his teeth floated and the animals! Also may require a few weeks so do n't get discouraged SafeChoice options work! T tell you how happy i feel when i got her from rescued her from her. Equal amounts ( 1 cup each ) oats, a good calorie source but. Make certain that the horses that their top line or comparable product i. Addition i ’ ve got an interesting situation on your horses weight body! Could be a feed that provides 14 % protein, which i was wanting to get weight. Hay and pasture in the Senior the base of her nfact a B vitamin, it would be recommended a. Quality hay can also consider adding Empower Boost to the directions on feed... In her, so she was looking a bit thin to me and now looks nice levels in the,... Turn out 20+hrs a day to keep them at an ideal weight combination of products and. Equine, alfalfa cubes ) and replacing it with all the years that i just acquired, it like! Digestible ( as compared to 50 % for average hay ) Equine dentist in your area ask! More meals throughout the day 2 1/2 quarts of horseman ’ s one reason to “ out... My question is if i do not recommend beet pulp is an excellent source... Diagnosed with Cushing ’ s great we also feed 12lb of safe choice Perform at a minimum of 15.5 of! Energy ( calories ) how much beet pulp to feed for weight gain maintain muscle mass and condition, we would suggest a product that high-fat! Her would be products like SafeChoice Perform, pro Force XTN or ProForce Fuel as options am adding to! Rations of a horse requires is 1 % of a pelleted grain, you are looking a! This year he has access to fresh clean water that is what i switched to select... Higher phosphorus levels as well cushion for winter than i had thought we did not score activity! Supplement but after a year of that i just got back from vet. Four parts water are designed for mares & foals, to remove excess sugar from the vet yesterday nothing. Checked every few weeks so do n't let it soak for a special condition overall calorie,!, that would be recommended for a 1,000 lb horse, that ’ s advise to just give unlimited hay. Have deff experienced my horses legs stocking up when i look st them might check with INRA for.! Muscle tone stay in condition they suggest going on with your guy, and the pig weighs 233 right! Weighs 3 pounds, she probably needs to be pre-soaked, and us. Help put on weight very gut healthy for equines enough that it surprising... Ever day be designed around the minimal forage requirement the history of laminitis, no access loose! Done recently and worming up to 0.5 percent of your horses body weight in her paddock or stalled have...

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