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How much do I put in?????????? Made one yesterday, enjoyed it so much I've got another ready to go in oven. We all love them.. Thought Id give it a try. Hi, can I also use Allison's baking flour plain wholemeal if I don't have bread flour?-----------------------------------------------Hi there, it is always best to use bread flour in bread recipes as it has a higher protein content, which helps with gluten development, essential for the crumb structure. MIX Thank you for making it so easy for me to make. 83 % 70g Carbs. Preheat your oven to 220°C (fan 200°C, gas mark 7). Simple no nonsense recipe. They were delicious! RISE Good crust, rise, crumb and texture. Any ideas what I’m doing wrong.? Allinson. Preheat your oven to 200°C (fan 180°C, gas mark 6). I have your easy bake yeast, because I can’t get your active yeast. You'll need JavaScript enabled to experience the full functionality of this site. One tip, if you forget about it and it starts to deflate when you remove clingfilm (over proved) you can save it by knocking the air out and re proving! Makes a really nice loaf. The light brown soft sugar will be the closest replacement for Light Muscovado, although the Dark Muscovado should also work absolutely fine. Never made bread before. First time using gluten free so still working it out. I never thought I could make bread, such an easy recipe to follow, thanks. Serving Size : 100 g. 348 Cal. Great taste and texture. I made it for the first time last week my granddaughter loved it.Now making it again & it will not be the last. So if the recipe has 30g fresh yeast then you can use 15g active dry yeast or 7g instant yeast instead. 100g Allinson strong white bread flour. Whole Wheat Bread. Hi thereI followed the instructions right through and it baked lovely. It’s the first time I have made bread and it was a hit with the family. It is made from a blend of premium wheat. Easy to do great recipes Go on Have a go if I can make it so can you, i have been using all the allinson different bread flours , and i must say they are so easy to use , the recipes are good to follow , but best of all they taste amazing as many people have commented it does not last very long , the smell when its baking is wonderful. Hope this helps, Happy Baking :-)Sarah. Very tasty bread. Only wanted a few rolls so used 60 percent of measures with good result. Put the dough back in, cover the bowl with a clean tea towel and leave to rise until doubled in size. Usually leave any bread making to my daughter (amazing baker! ) We only have a small piece of the loaf left today. At Baking Mad we love cookies. Allinson's Easy Bake Yeast or Allinson's Time Saver Yeast, Jams, Marmalade, Chutneys & Preserves Making. Very good and easy recipe to follow.ive made it a few times now for friends and family. To find out more, please read our cookie policy. I’ve measured all ingredients exactly and have still ended up with a sticky mess( looks more like cake mix) I used a thermometer and water temp 38c. I don't have a bread tin, so am I able to just put the dough in my oven in ball shape without tin? We recommend using a proportion of Allinson White Strong Bread Flour or Very Strong White Bread Flour with the wholemeal flour to make it a little lighter. Allison makes baking bread simple! There’s also the possibility that you overworked the dough in the kneading process, though that’s unlikely if you’re doing it by hand, in a stand mixer, it becomes more likely . Best recipe I’ve used and I adapt when the mood takes me (e.g. One question, the lower quarter of the loaf was slightly more dense than the upper three quarters. Great recipe. but needed to destress so had a go, GREAT RECIPE! Follow recipe exactly first time. This means, wholemeal bread has a denser, moist texture and has less spring to it than white bread. Easy to bake, i have never baked before and now i make this loaf most weekends. Like others have said, an easy, foolproof, successful recipe. Strong White Bread Flour 1.5kg. Not sure what I did wrong!! 50g melted butter. BAKE This one came out the tops. Very easy to follow recipe.Thank you. Can’t wait to try another recipe. Perfect bread every time, very easy to make. And Oh my goodness, it turned out surprisingly ok. Well my family all had some, regretfully it only lasted whilst it was hot as they liked it too much.Anyway today have made two more, hopefully will last a little longer.Recommended. The unique warm honey colour and creamy fudge flavour, which is incomparable to refined light brown sugar makes it the finest light brown sugar in the world. Lovely recipe, just back from our Caribbean holidays so I wanted a Caribbean version of these bread rolls, tweaked it with more butter (3 tsp) and used Muscovoado cane sugar (3 tsp) served it with sliced "off the bone ham" and mustard, my choice was a little sprinkling of Trinidad hot sauce. I made half the quantity as there's just the two of us. Seed & Grain White. Please enable JavaScript by following the instructions at 400g Allinson very strong wholemeal bread flour. Made from a blend of premium wheat, Allinson Very Strong White Bread Flour has a higher protein content and gluten strength than our strong flour. Perfect for baking really excellent bread! With butter of course! Is perfect in my fan oven. The natural quality of our flour meets the same high standards set by Thomas Allinson in 1892. Dough Tree » Fine flour expertly milled. PROVE Around 100g of them. Welcome to Allinson’s – the home of wholesome bread for over 100 years. Mix the remaining oil with the water, then stir into the flour along with the onions and bacon. By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Happy Baking! Delicious! I have plenty of wholemeal flour and spelt and rye but no strong white can I use plain white flour. We mill British grains to make this flour and wherever possible source wheat from the farms around our mill in Bishop Stortford. Fab recipe! 4.1 out of 5 stars 8. ?_______________________________________________HiA general rule of thumb is that 15g of Dried Active Yeast equates to 7g Easy Bake Yeast. KNEAD. Excellent loaf (actually doubled the recipe so made 2 loaves). Perfect to use in bread makers and hand baking this yeast, gives your dough a quick rise, eliminating the need to 'knock back.' HELP - I don't have the yeast sachets!!!! Substituted malt extract for the muscovado and lard for the butter. Excellent recipe! Have a loaf proving at the moment. Allinson Flour Self-Raising Wholemeal Flour, 1 kg, Pack of 10. PROVE This item: Allinson Strong White Bread Flour 1.5KG by Silver Spoon $19.49 ($0.37 / 1 Ounce) Ships from and sold by Zorba Online. This is my favourite loaf to eat - my family love it - a really lovely loaf. Fans of the Classic Wholemeal Loaf are likely to enjoy our Wholemeal Wreath Recipe, just as tasty and a beautiful centrepiece. I will be back with the verdict x, Brilliant rolls, made yesterday and only 3 left as we couldn't get enough. I like the easy to follow instructions and the short video clips. First time using this recipe but my son said best ones ever .I used to always make my own bread .My recipe from now on. Looking forward to my next attempt at the lovely recipes. To bake some of your own, visit our cookie recipes page! Primary fermentation for 90 minutes with stretches every 30 mins. By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Bread flour has higher gluten levels than culinary flours such as plain or self-raising. Mix in the water with a cutlery knife. Allison makes baking bread simple! Can you tell me how long it takes to bake two at the same time please.________________________________________________Hello,Side by side in the oven they will take 35-40 minutes.Happy Baking! Thanks. My first recipe I’ve used on this website! This is the best recipe I have used Tried a few. Good luck! Very Strong Wholemeal. Super loaf just making another the taste is beautful. Thank you. Finished loaf very tasty. Happy baking :). Cheap, easy, and delicious. Perfect for packed lunches and picnics, a batch of fresh white rolls will always satisfy your hungry hoards. A bread recipe so easy and pretty much foolproof that if you can't make it I despair! a range of bread recipes that make bread making an easy joy. Mix together the melted butter, sugar and water, then mix in with a cutlery knife. We even place them on your computer. Silver Spoon Caster Sugar has finer granules which incorporates more air into your bakes which means it is perfect for adding volume to a mixture when baking and produces extra light cakes. I want to make wholemeal as i am a diabetic.-------------------------------------------Hi There, The addition of strong white flour to to help with the 'lift' and txeture of the loaf but it will be just as delicious with 100% wholemeal flour. Recipes & Inspiration. We use cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. 3 % 1g Fat. Anyone can bake great tasting bread - you just need the right ingredients and a little encouragement! This was my first attempt at bread making and I thoroughly enjoyed making and eating it! The yeast can be added with the flour straight from the pack and will become activated as soon as it comes into contact with the liquid. Happy Baking! Does this explain why my bread looks and tastes good, but does not rise to the top of a two pound lost tin as in your photos._______________________________________________Hello,You do need a strong or a very strong flour to make bread as you need the higher protein content. Report. Help please.Rosie_______________________________________________1 Easy Bake Yeast sachet equates to 7g of this yeast from the tin. Easy to follow recipe. If it doubles in size earlier than the recipe says, then move onto the next step. Had an issue with proving, as no where warm to put the dough, but after reading for advice on Internet for the second proofing, I placed a glass bowl of boiling water at bottom of oven and left the dough in the oven for an hour and it rosè pretty well, maybe not doubled, but better than in the tumble dryer (after clothes were dry, as it was quite warm, haha).Thanks for recipe. Great simple recipe, rolls taste great, just need to work on my neatness skills! If your house is naturally cooler or warmer then it may well take longer or be quicker, it should prove in 30-90 minutes, on average 60 minutes. Delicious! Easy recipe to follow.100% great results everytime.I make my bread by hand so get a workout with the kneading too. Taste, texture and crust perfect even the grandchildren loved it. After trying various wholemeal recipes, this one has definitely come up tops. Also, I find I need about 320g water at 100deg.I've had a couple of attempts at reducing the salt but can't get the yeast measure right (using about 7.5g of an 8g fast action dried yeast sachet).Any chance of a recipe on here please, much as has been done on the Country Grain thread, which works a treat. The inside was a bit dense but still tasty. Good for white loaves, pizza dough and pasta. The only problem I had was with it sticking to my accent loaf tin (should've used more butter). great recipe, worked great first time and thanks for the tip about the egg and milk! 1 ½ tsp salt. Add Allinson Strong White Bread Flour 1.5Kg Add add Allinson Strong White Bread Flour 1.5Kg to basket Allinson Easy Bake Yeast Tin 100G Write a review Rest of Yeast shelf 3. You can use this flour whenever your recipes call for strong white bread flour and it will produce a higher rise and a better texture. Contains Wheat, Gluten 4.4 out of 5 stars 19. The most likely culprit is over proofing. Lightly grease the mixing bowl with some oil. Used dried yeast and the rise was excellent. Made this bread a few times now great results but having trouble getting dried yeast can I make with fresh yeast and how much should I use________________________________________________Sorry you are struggling to find dried yeast at the moment.Yes Dry and fresh yeast are interchangeable, For dry active yeast you generally need to use half the quantity of fresh yeast stated in the recipe and for instant yeast you need to use 1/4 of the quantity of fresh yeast. Hi,Can I add my own seeds to the recipe above and how much seeds do I add. Perfect to use in bread makers and hand baking this yeast, gives your dough a quick rise, eliminating the need to 'knock back.' Just make sure you wrap well and use within 3 months for best results. Orders in from the family for a weekly delivery now they were so impressed...... Can use this recipe without a bread tin----------------------------------------------Hi there, yes you can make this loaf 'free form' - just shape into a round on a lightly floured baking tray, cover with oiled clingfilm and leave to prove in the same way in which you would in the tin. Help! It’s springy with a crusty top. I may never buy shop bought again. A great intro recipe for those new to baking, our wholemeal loaf makes homemade sandwiches extra-special. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, Co-Op Allinson Very Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour This recipe is by far the tastiest. We milled Allinson Strong White Bread Flour and blended it with malted wheat flakes, rye flour and malted barley flour to give you rustic bread with a rich texture and nutty flavour. Love love love all your allinson recipes. Requests. Can I replace the butter with oil, if so which oil, or a dairy free spread?_____________________________________________Hello,Yes you can easily replace the butter with oil, we do this with our pizza dough recipe. Perfect for baking really excellent bread! Thank you very much. Foolproof in my opinion. First time making bread, it was perfect.Nice, easy recipe to follow. This could be why you didn't get the higher rise you would expect.Happy Baking! Any idea why that should be? Mine who are 4 & 7 made the rolls all by themselves and they turned out perfectly! I’ve also added seeds on later editions and used 2 tbs oil instead of butter and they’ve always worked out lovely. Place the flour, salt and yeast in a mixing bowl. Will use this recipe in future. Although I would defo recommend. If you lightly flour a baking sheet and shape the dough into a ball. I make these rolls every week. As a novice I was delighted with my first loaf, it's gone... Time to bake another! Any recipe instructions adaptations required if cooking with no bread tin? I only made it yesterday and it's already nearly gone! No fuss no bother, perfect rolls. Will definitely be my go-to recipe from now on. Easy peasy to make. Ingredients 500g Allison strong White Bread Flour 1 sachet (7g) Allison Easy Bake Yeast 300ml / 1/2 pint hand warm water 1 1/2 tsp salt 1 tbsp soft butter 1 1/2 tsp caster sugar Step 1 - Mix Mix the flour, yeast, sugar and salt in a big bowl. Why do we recommend Billington's? Finally able to get my hands on some bread flour and yeast and baked using this recipe for the first time. SHAPE Stubbornly refused to go above 97 degrees C (internal temperature). I've found them all useful for me. Thank You! Other Popular Results; White Very Strong Bread Flour. To find out more, please read our cookie policy. This sugar is also homegrown using sugar beet. I'd suggest popping them all on a large baking tray rather than splitting across 2 so you get that batch baked effect of soft fluffy sides to the rolls, Just the right recipe for me. Its rich depth of flavour means it a superior substitute in any recipe calling for brown sugar. Mix until a soft dough is formed, then turn onto a work surface and knead until smooth. Will be using more of these I think! Fantastic recipe for a beginner , works effortlessly.. simple & quick to make and no mess perfect. add seeds, use half milk and half water, use 1tsp honey instead of sugar, etc) love making this bread. This recipe works really well and we always look forward to the first slices of that slightly warm loaf..Sometimes slice up the remaining loaf when cool and freeze as it is easy to separate one or two slices as required and it preserves that same day freshness, So easy to make and tasty too!Very pleased with my first load of bread . You could always look at our soda bread recipe, which uses culinary (baking) flour? I have zero success with baking as a rule but even I can make these! A non-dairy alternative would also work well.Hope this helps,Happy Baking! 1st timer making bread by hand. Today I used 2 teaspoons veg oil instead of butter. Good for white loaves, pizza dough and pasta. Allinson Strong White Bread Flour is a great all purpose flour and its high gluten content makes it particularly suitable for bread making. Watch Rosemary Shrager transform this basic dough into lunchtime favourites for little ones. I make this loaf couple of times per week and it never disappoints.

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