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Freeze's constant barrage of puns in Batman & Robin. share. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/puns. Things like... You've Gotham be kidding me! … u/ebkbk for this post: Today, my son asked "Can I have a book mark? One of them has to talk with Doctor Who puns, one has to talk in fish puns and I'm supposed to talk in batman puns. r/puns: For the instances of puns in daily life! What’s the difference between a newly married Danish couple and Batman’s parents? 6 comments. Tonight, I’m not the Police Commissioner’s daughter. With Kevin Conroy, Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Mari Devon, Mark Hamill. The Joker exists in the Batman’s blind spot and that is what makes him so dangerous. 30 notes. Report as: Why are you reporting? Hi I'm Jokin-Around! As a consequence of wider COVID-19-induced delays and cancellations … Comment. Update: Bad news for Batman fans looking forward to the release of Three Jokers. The funny Batman jokes on this list are not only silly and a little cute, but they’re readable for everyone in the family. susanyikes. your own Pins on Pinterest Saved by Cheshire Cat. and You're a Bane in my butt! Them puns thou. Thank you! Batman: Joker War's Legacy Is Shaping Future State's Gotham. "and I burst into tears. The Dark Knight is een Brits-Amerikaanse film van regisseur Christopher Nolan, gebaseerd op het personage Batman.De film is het vervolg op Batman Begins uit 2005. made on 24.11. with 38.9k upvotes [also already made by u/Tface on 25.03. for 16.9k upvotes] Now Batman has joined with Batgirl and Red Hood, two of his partners who have suffered tremendously at the hands of The Joker, to figure out the mystery behind the three Jokers … Batman puns. Batman. 12. 04.Ağu.2015 - See related links to what you are looking for. 'Batman: The Killing Joke' has an ending that's been at the center of debates for years. Batman: The Killing Joke is a 1988 DC Comics one-shot graphic novel featuring the characters Batman and the Joker written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Brian Bolland. De Joker is een fictieve superschurk uit de strips van DC Comics, en een vaste vijand van Batman.Hij wordt gezien als Batmans grootste tegenstander. Batman is a response to the crime in the world, and Joker lives to create a world that will always need a Batman. De titel van de film betekent De Donkere Ridder, een bijnaam van Batman.Batman neemt het in deze film samen met Officier van Justitie Harvey Dent op tegen de Joker, gespeeld door Heath Ledger. Hij werd bedacht door Bill Finger en Bob Kane, in samenwerking met Jerry Robinson.. De Joker is een psychopaat met een bleek uiterlijk: hij heeft een witte huid, groen haar, en altijd een glimlach op zijn gezicht. 16. Posted by 1 year ago. its-a-metawhore-blog. Close. Archived. Press J to jump to the feed. Jan 8, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Mina Hadzikic. Here at LaffGaff, Batman is our favorite superhero.After all, Batman has the Riddler with his fantastic riddles, and then there’s the Joker too. Released in 1997, the fourth film in the Batman franchise saw Clooney taking over the role of the Caped Crusader with Chris O’Donnell as his sidekick Robin, Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. In in-story progression, this would be before Batman Beyond, but since it's connection to the universe is looser and debatable, unlike Batman Beyond, I place it here. But to get that right they must first defeat one of the people surgically altered and reprogramed into Batman's greatest foes: Pengu Batman: I, Joker is a one-shot published in 1998. Previous Next: Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest. #Batman #Batmanatee #Manatee #Manatee puns #Batman puns. your own Pins on Pinterest "I, Joker":Once a year, on the religious event known as the Night of Blood, people contend for the right to defeat The Bruce (Batman) and become the new Batman. I Am Batman Superman Bane Super Funny Gotham Book Worms Nerdy Joker Feelings. 10. It looks like Batman has a new Joker-inspired lease on life in this Batman #101 preview. Meteorologically, it seems we will have a … George Clooney says he also hated Batman & Robin’s silly freeze puns. Batman #101 post-'The Joker War' preview: "Joker was right" By Newsarama Staff 16 October 2020. #Batman #puns #batman puns #seriously though hang out #see this is why your parents are dead. The Joker War may be over but as the DC Universe is heading towards Future State, Gotham's future might have been already been decided. Note: If you find missing chapters, pages, or errors, please Report us. The Dark Knight was released July 18, 2008 in the United States. Tip: Use your right & left arrow keys on your keyboard to move pages. Much like the rest of us, George Clooney also hated Mr. Batman: Three Jokers #3 Page 1 Batman: Three Jokers Comic. When the Joker learns that a casino owner is using his likeness for the theme of his business, he escapes Arkham Asylum to destroy it while unaware of the owner's real motives. My friends and I have a bet going on. For the instances of puns in daily life. Directed by Boyd Kirkland. The Dark Knight is the 2008 sequel to Batman Begins.The film is directed by Christopher Nolan and stars Christian Bale as Batman, Michael Caine as Alfred J. Pennyworth, Heath Ledger as the Joker, Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Maggie Gyllenhaal as Rachel Dawes, Gary Oldman as James Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox. Mar 31, 2018 - Explore Cara Hutchens's board "Batman Puns" on Pinterest. Although Batman made his first live action appearance in a 1943 film serial, it’d be another 23 years before The Joker got to follow suit in the live action Batman TV series. i own the Blog Ask-jokeboi as well as a few others ( this is a sideblog), feel free to contact me about pretty much anything, enjoy your stay! Joker is widely regarded as Batman's greatest nemesis, but few have attempted to make the Clown Prince of Crime the main protagonist in a DC … Saved by Lacie Rider. But as it features Mark Hamill as the Joker, I've put it together with the Batman: The animated series films and it's follow-ups as Mark Hamill also portrayed the Joker in them. 421k members in the puns community. And there’s enough of that danger in these stories to have positioned the Joker as the Dark Knight’s new and permanent greatest adversary. Description cannot be blank. 'Joker'/'Joker Returns' (Batman #1) ... which opens up Batman for some killer puns, but Joker is positioned as a legitimate adversary to the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight has always been one of the most coveted roles in cinema, with … Comment Batman. User account menu. 11.4k votes, 61 comments. 0. Discover (and save!) log in sign up. Batman Comic Art Gotham Batman Batman Comics Joker Batman Dc Comics Batman Stuff Batman Robin Safely Endangered Court Of Owls. Here's why the Caped Crusader's most iconic foe the Joker never appeared on Beware The Batman.In the eyes of some fans, it's hard to beat Batman: The Animated Series when it comes to adaptations of the title character. Page: of 53. The Joker was a professional criminal leader who terrorized the streets of Gotham City. Everything from the surprisingly dark, mature storytelling to the perfect vocal performances by Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill has made it one of the defining takes on Batman. It would be much appreciated if you could help! Long before the dark and heroic Batman became known to 21st century audiences, there was another style of Batman - a much more "square" Batman. save … Share Share Tweet Email. Now that it's on Netflix, a fan is revisiting its most famous theory. Batman #1 is available in digital copy on the DC Comics website. 16. A list of 1 List of Batman video games puns! 11 years old and he still doesn't know my name is Brian. According to our sources, Warner Bros. wants the Joker in the new Batman trilogy (who may be played by Johnny Depp) to be a bit campy and creepy. Aug 22, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Erin Lamoreaux. 1 History 1.1 Origin 1.2 Joker 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Abilities 3 Paraphernalia 3.1 Transportation 4 Notes 5 Trivia 6 Related 6.1 Footnotes With a career spanning several decades, the Joker had become infamous as one of the primary nemesis of Batman and Robin. Discover (and save!) Words that I can intrigrate into every day life. Freeze and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. The Joker was a psychotic anarchist mastermind who, portrayed himself as an agent of chaos, rose to power in the criminal underworld by thrusting Gotham City into turmoil and drew Batman ever closer to crossing the fine line between heroism and vigilantism. I am a 21 yr old , non-binary, African American artist who loves Batman and Cartoons! Because Batman has sworn to protect goth ham. 48 notes. By Amer Sawan 10 hours ago.

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