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Altria is a loyal servant who respects her master and opponents. This list has been compiled and approved by major fanatics of the game. Mar 26, 2020 - Explore Thaqif Suhaimi's board "kiyohime FGO" on Pinterest. Pese a que no es de una serie en particular es difícil que no conozcas a esta idol virtual. See more ideas about Fate anime series, Fate stay night, Fate. We are currently in Beta. And if you beef it up with her enhancement skills, you can destroy enemies whose HP is in the 500,000 (depending on overcharge). How fitting for the King of Knights. But if you play the Japanese version, have you summoned any of these waifus? With her second form, MHX Alter sports a school gym uniform. Rincón de Waifu FGO. Whether she’s on offense or defense, Nero will always be able to contribute to the team. Who is your anime waifu, quite a lot of potential waifu's here and will update as time goes on :D Waifu's taken from Visual Novels NOTE: Added 1 new result [Rika Jougasaki] and 2 new questions SPOILERS: Nekopara and Neptunia girls coming in the next update along with Lucky Star charac Waifu List. After being burnt at the stake, and forced to possess an innocent girl’s body, Jeanne bares no hatred. With her being a 5-star, you already know that card deck is going to be strong. She gained immortality from becoming a God killer and uses her wisdom and skills to train many aspiring heroes. Waifus #3 FGO - Waifu Wars. When she unleashes her noble phantasm, Tamamo can revive her party’s HP by 2,000, shorten her team’s skill cooldown by 1, and charge everyone’s noble phantasm by 25% (or greater depending on overcharge). Besides being a deadly killer, Okita is a bubbly sweet bean. Okita always brings a lot of enthusiasm from the battlefield. You have one of the best FGO rating sites I've ever seen. But why is everyone so obsessed with this app? Now Altria is a merciless tyrant, and speaks with a serious tone. FGO Waifu FGO - Waifu Wars. The story? But when Nero caster comes to the NA server, just about everyone will be spending their life savings in hopes of summoning this op servant. TIGER UPPERCUT! The Fate franchise is a vast and confusing universe. Putting it all together while adding new characters is the popular JRPG app, Fate/Grand Order. Jeanne’s armour also changes from blue to white. Get the best of Sporcle when you Go Orange.This ad-free experience offers more features, more stats, and more fun while also helping to support Sporcle. Welcome to our Rider tier list for FGO (Fate/Grand Order)! While her stats and skills aren’t worth noting, since they’re very poor for a 4-star servant, she has a unique personality that makes her memorable. We’d love to talk about Kiyohime’s 4-star Lancer form, but remember, we’re sticking with characters from the English version. It deals heavy damage to all enemies. What’s not to like about Okita? Her deck is filled with mostly buster cards, and has a buster noble phantasm. This is a personality quiz to see which fate waifu is your waifu! Altera’s design stands out from everyone else’s with her perfectly tan skin, and white bandeau. She is the best waifu you can think of if you prefer personality over looks. See more ideas about best waifu, fate stay night, fate. This makes her an ideal farming servant as well as the perfect boss killer. Her HP is one of the highest in the game at 16,597 max. Neither. Gaming Birthdays: GOTTA MOVE FAST! A waifu is a female character from manga series one has a special affection for, and if you are a fan of anime, then you probably know one of the best characters. With all that said, let’s move on to the list. Kiyohime is often seen stalking her master, and makes sure he/she is well kept. I don't now Fate/GO or any of its characters. Take this quick and easy quiz to get paired up with the perfect waifu for you and then proceed to the date that awaits you! Video Game. At the time this article was written, 74 characters have been released, with the latest two servants being Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme. I love the team, everyone was really passionate, but I simply wasn't happy with the work I put out. Fate Waifu Wars FGO - Waifu Wars. FGO Discussion Content discussion about FGO, particularly gameplay. Yeah, Ishtar is pretty OP. Her personality, on the other hand, is not very attractive. Known as “The Destroyer”, Altera was made to kill anything and anyone she sees. She has long white hair, and wields a large rainbow sword. Musashi is fierce, yet friendly, and that’s a combo nobody can turn down. And who doesn’t love yanderes? God's Number One FGO Waifu By Godhand-99 On DeviantArt Waifu Grand Order 2 (FGO Tier List + Chapters) FGO Waifu Wars: The Final Round (WWE) Round 6: ASSASSINS - FGO Fluff Illya Sitonai Fate Grand Order FGO Artist: Uumaru #kawaii Create A Fgo Waifu … We don’t know what it is, but there’s something very hot about a good girl going bad. In a similar style to Okita, Scathach’s noble phantasm can wipe out a single boss depending on overcharge. Her third skill, Mystery Killer, allows Raikou to deal a special attack to magical enemies and servants with earth or sky attributes for 3 turns. Musashi is all about buffing herself to make her even more powerful than she already is. So if you do a quick chain along with her quick noble phantasm, be prepared for a one-hit kill with all those crit stars she generated. With her crimson eyes, long dark red hair, and sheer body suit, Scathach might very well kill you with just one look. Check out our Top 10 Fate/Grand Order Waifus North American version list when you have the time. Scathach is the queen of the Land of Shadows. The reason why everyone loves Fate/Grand Order is for the waifus! Sayonara! More commonly referred to as Nobu, this free 4-star archer packs quite the punch. For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Best 5 Star waifu/husbando". We adore Nero for her confidence and love for her city. Disney's Donald Duck Celebrates his Birthday! An assassin servant with a “saber face” whose mission was to destroy any other saber face. We whaled hard to summon the 5-star saber servant, Nero Bride. The King of Knights will serve her master well with a powerful noble phantasm and attack buffs. Her second skill, Chiyogami Manipulation, can charge any ally’s noble phantasm gauge and increase their critical star generation for 3 turns. FGO Fluff. Talk about your girl next door. We all love Rin Tohsaka from Fate/Stay Night. Gaming Birthdays: GOTTA MOVE FAST! So in case you never summon Altria, Salter’s got you covered with an all-enemy damage-dealer noble phantasm and attack boosts. Disney's Donald Duck Celebrates his Birthday. Even without the attack buffs, Altria’s buster card can deal 12,283 max damage. Waifu Grand Order 2 (FGO Tier List + Chapters) Random. Nero loves to show off her great city, Rome. And that’s the intro I use for my Youtube videos. Happy Birthday to the King! Unlike regular 5-star Altria, Salter is a 4-star. Caster Nero is able to heal herself, increase her attack, and do the same for one ally. Nendoroid Ellie is Now Available for Pre-Order! Once again, I have decided to rank all of my female servants from Fate/GO. Osakabehime is a 5-star assassin servant. Okita wears a short white kimono with black knee-high socks. We’re so excited to see these amazing servants come to the North American server of Fate/Grand Order. FGO Fluff For anything that is neither Q&A nor gameplay Discussion. Despite the sad backstory, Tamamo no Mae stays cheerful and shouts “Mikon!” as a catchphrase. Sonic the Hedgehog is Excited! Nero loves to boast about her beauty, so of course each ascension outfit screams “Here I am, world!” Since she is a summer event exclusive servant, Nero wears a striped red and white bikini. FGO waifu tier list 12/18/2020. This website uses cookies to give you the best online experience. THE Waifu (OVER 1500 Labeled Best Girl Choices) Part 3 S-Z. Even though Nobu likes to call herself “The Demon King of the Sixth Heaven”, Nobu is loved by everyone for her derpy moments. Fate has multiple top tier best girls.But in this article, we will only be talking about those who have been released in the English version up to this point. Whom are you favourite FGO waifus? Unfortunately, Osakabehime’s skills aren’t very useful with the exception of one. Her HP is also very high at 15,326 max. Addition of the male servant (husbando) section is … My ultimate FGO waifu tier list (edited by Hasse chaldea master) 3. Saber Alter, or Salter, is the dark version of Saber Altria. The folklore behind Kiyohime is an interesting one. Unlike the majority of the servants on this list, Queen of Sheba is not limited. Miku Hatsune. See more ideas about Fate stay night, Fate anime series, Fate. Finally, Nero wears the same swimsuit from the first ascension, while wielding the water guns and a sword, but has a long white cover-up that she leaves open. Anonymous. As for the app, try over 170 characters. But Rin is a master, so the only way for her to enter the world of Fate/Grand Order is to become a pseudo servant. Osakabehime is the very definition of waifu goals. She’s known as the Sakura Saber for her cute personality and deadly attacks. (deployads = window.deployads || []).push({}); 例えば、スマホの機種によってハロウィンパーティの時間帯を変えるとかさ pic.twitter.com/ZOpTIQ2RvM. Her epic 3rd ascension design has Altria wearing a crown and a blue cape. Nishida Reply. 1. Behold the FGO Waifu Museum Its a tribute build dedicated to the mobile game and series, Fate/Grand Order. Ishtar acts a lot like Nero but in a more bratty way. Osakabehime is one of the highest star generators in the game at 24.6%. Sagat! Salter is also an all-rounder, so pair her up with anyone or make her fight any class and she’ll do just fine. It’s not difficult to see why Fate has some of the greatest waifus ever. TIGER UPPERCUT! Jul 21, 2020 - Explore nicholas yan's board "FGO", followed by 401 people on Pinterest. She dual-wields two flaming katanas, and can summon a beast who wields four katanas. off-topic. Who would win in a narcissist contest, Nobu or Nero? My FGO FGO - Waifu Wars. But no copy can compete with the original. Jeanne uses a flag as her weapon, and it changes colors upon ascension. This, of course, gives her a lack of emotions. Being a berserker class servant, she can die easily at any moment. Discussion. But if you get Nobu to level 70/80, you unlock a special ascension stage card. She’s a total fujoshi who spends most of her time buying figurines. Like Altera, Scathach is arguably one of the most powerful servants in the game. List them as well as the reasons why. Who knew something this cute could be so terrifying. However, King Solomon was able to see through the lies, and because of that, Queen of Sheba took a liking to him. If any woman even glances at her master, Kiyohime will lash out with verbal insults and eventually get violent. Basically, Mama Raikou is the exact definition of a powerhouse. 演出「地飛爽霊 火尖槍」をご紹介いたします! #FateGO https://t.co/QV4dl0alXQ, — 【公式】Fate/Grand Order (@fgoproject) November 29, 2017. Sep 30, 2018 - Explore Michael Buxton's board "Mordred 2nd best waifu" on Pinterest. Ishtar has a buster AOE noble phantasm that you can use in a buster brave chain. This means that her attacks aren’t effective against any class except for Berserker, and vice versa. More Galleries of Waifu Tier List Making. I was just wondering, since we're hours from FGO-US releasing. Tamamo ran away from the kingdom, cut off her tails, and decided to live a human life. After the slaughter of her men at the battle for Camelot, Altria chose to be corrupted by the Holy Grail. But being a crit saber means that her attacks are more powerful than Altera’s! Whatever you need, Altria’s got you covered. Off screen, Rin got possessed by the goddess Ishtar. Once again, I have decided to rank all of my female servants from Fate/GO. We will also not be judging the ladies by their stats alone, but their personality and overall popularity. Hello there! Altera doesn’t have a personality at all. Okita’s noble phantasm is quite the boss killer. This time, it will include the girls from How I met my Harem 3 and the top ten girls will getting one shots in this book. After being an otaku for 5 years, and a lover of film editing for 8, I decided to explore my horizons by writing articles on anime and otaku culture. So far, Jeanne is the only ruler-class servant in the English version. If you’ve played the JP version, what servants are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to reply as soon as we can. Mama Raikou has an AOE noble phantasm, and a broken one at that. Till next time! Like Tamamo no Mae, Nero also has a famous catchphrase- “Umu!”. Two years later during the third Halloween event, Osakabehime was revealed to be that friend. Ishtar thinks shes better than anyone else, and looks down on humans. I also love cosplaying and making people laugh. Another loud and proud servant, Nero let’s everyone know who she is, constantly saying she’s the emperor of Rome. God's Number One FGO Waifu By Godhand-99 On DeviantArt Waifu Grand Order 2 (FGO Tier List + Chapters) FGO Waifu Wars: The Final Round (WWE) Round 6: ASSASSINS - FGO Fluff. Nero then changes into a red dress and is equipped with two giant gold water guns on her back. Jeanne continues to be kind to everyone she meets. And that’s the intro I use for my Youtube videos. Raikou also has skills that enhance her attack toward certain enemies. Kiyohime is voiced by the talented Risa Taneda, and we can’t get enough of it. So she chases him down and transforms into a dragon, burning her love to death. But Raikou comes out on top by having a skill that not only increases her buster card damage but supplies her with an evade. 8. Have you summoned all the waifus you desire? Contained inside are the images of multiple female servants released on Japan FGO version as of July 2019. I’m your female otaku. 801: 1302: December 25, 2020 See more ideas about Fate, Fate stay night, Fate zero. Sagat! Osakabehime is probably the most relatable servant. Gameplay y animación de Oda Nobukatsu servant de Clase Archer Pasaron 3 años desde su primera aparición en el segunda GudaGuda siendo un chiste y humillado por Nobu en los GudaGuda pero finalmente Nobukatsu llega como servants pero de 1* 😠Altria is a fine leader, but she will stay loyal to her master and fulfill every command to the best of her abilities. We laughed at the hilarious Mysterious Heroine X during the Saber Wars event. After being an otaku for 5 years, and a lover of film editing for 8, I decided to explore my horizons by writing articles on anime and otaku culture. Please subscribe to my channel at Sloan The Female Otaku if you want to see more. Upon ascension, the kimono will change from blue to white, and then white to black. Spinning off from the GudaGuda event, is the popular Guda Grand Order comic. Please keep in mind that not all fate girls are on this list(cuts happen) so please don't be salty. Nobu is loud and in charge to the point that she hosts an entire two-week event called GudaGuda. She may not be the strongest servant, but Osakabehime has a lovable personality and can provide your team with a good amount of crit stars. And every year, the servants gather for Nerofest, which is a gladiator death match of sorts. But we prefer her second and third ascension outfits. Tamamo no Mae is an excellent healer. Nobu’s sprite never changes, so we’re stuck looking at her mighty uniform. Be it a black mask, black suit of armor, or even a black dress. Download Image. ufgo FGO - Waifu Wars. This version of Altria shows us what happens if anger and revenge took her over. When fighting an enemy, Jeanne will get a little forceful, but she is most useful as a healer. For Fate / Grand Order on the Android, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Who is your best waifu?" Nero doesn’t have a weak form. She may not smile, but at least she’ll give us a pat on the head for training hard. ... FDO Nobu is best. In fact, she’s not even considered to be evil, but neutral. Let’s get the obvious out of the way, Queen of Sheba is gorgeous. Please refer to this guide if you want to check out our performance assessments and evaluations of Rider Sarvants in FGO. Believe it or not, this is to show everyone her panties. Is it the graphics? In lore, Tamamo always wanted to find love. Fighting Game Girls. Seeing Nobu’s vulnerable side is too sweet to pass up. The card shows Nobu looking gentle, surrounded by roses and wearing a red robe. Although Musashi sounds like a stone cold killer, she has a very soothing demeanor. The best part is that there are still more to be introduced! She’s usually serious, but can joke around from time to time. Whether you call her Scathach, Shishou, or Sukasasha, there’s no denying that this sensei is a total babe. Even though Rin’s loveable personality is gone, we at least see her physical body. At the time of writing, the following best girls are only in the Japanese server, with a release in the NA server forthcoming. But Musashi is actually a saber. Favourite FGO Waifu? Standing proud with a smile, Jeanne will make you feel right at home. We’ve all had a crush on our teacher at least once. Her final ascension card is one of the best in the game, with Jeanne showing you her sweet smile, and glowing gold hair. Of course, the most famous Japanese general needs to wear the finest of clothing (At least in FGO). Till next time! Raikou was made to obliterate any and all enemies that stand in her way. The face of the Fate franchise herself, graces us in Fate/Grand Order. Her deck is mostly filled of quick and arts cards with a quick noble phantasm. Sup everyone! And with her final form, MHX Alter wears a Darth Vader like outfit, with thigh high socks and garters. Happy Birthday to the King! Ishtar’s max attack (without being grailed) is 12,252, and has a max HP of 13,965. And Altera’s skills buff her to make a pure boss killer with attack boosts, and crit/noble phantasm enhancements. With each ascension, Musashi adds to her already gorgeous kimono with sleeves and length. She’s an introvert, has poor social skills, only shops online, has no friends in real life, and wears a long hooded bunny cloak. waifu anime. Download Image. Arguably one of the top ten strongest servants in the game, Altera is someone you definitely want to summon. Dragon Ball Waifus Ranking Tier List. We prefer to keep it that way, because her final ascension gives Tamamo a large kimono with no skin to reveal whatsoever. Like her assassin form, MHX Alter wields a lightsaber-like excalibur. Even if you prefer looks, she is still great and part of my top 5 waifus. But caster Nero is able to do both. For this list, we’ll be counting down the best FGO waifus on the Japanese server only. Was there any doubt that Altria wouldn’t be number 1? Queen of Sheba is a very greedy woman. I also love cosplaying and making people laugh. Altria wears her famous armored dress and wields the legendary sword, Excalibur. Even though she’s already rich, Queen of Sheba has tried to buy off King Solomon for his knowledge and riches. Plus her own noble phantasm boosts her NP damage. Sonic the Hedgehog is Excited! But maybe she has a right to, being that Ishtar is one of the top 10 most powerful servants in the game. Create a Bracket. A girl falls in love with a man who doesn’t love her back. Picture detail for Waifu Tier List Making: Title: Waifu Tier List Making Date: May 11, 2018 Size: 109kB Resolution: 670px x 767px More Galleries of Waifu Tier List Making Queen of Sheba is a very interesting servant. Thank you, sensei! And who are your waifus in Fate/Grand Order? You can summon her anytime you want in the story gatcha after you complete the Salem story. Please subscribe to my channel at Sloan The Female Otaku if you want to see more. MHX Alter on the other hand, looks innocent, and even covers half her face (at least with her first ascension). 2.7K likes. ANd her voice is music to our ears. It’s a parody gag comic starring Nobu and Okita with large white eyes and no clothes. Voiced by Chiwa Saito, Tamamo’s voice tingles our eardrums when we hear her say “Mikon!” or “Sate, sate.” Tamamo sports a sexy kimono upon the first 2 stages of ascension. We track the millions of LoL games played every day to gather champion stats, matchups, builds & summoner rankings, as well as champion stats, popularity, winrate, teams rankings, best … Sayonara! Most of us probably know her from the Fate anime series, but her personality shines in the game as well. This time, it will include the girls from How I met my Harem 3 and the top ten girls will getting one shots in this book. If you still haven’t got enough robo-waifu in your life then Goddess Kiss will be sure to fill that void right up. Nero wears a red dress with a sheer white opening in the middle. Although they are powerful in their own right, both Cu Alter and Sakata Kintoki have single target noble phantasms. This is mainly due to her noble phantasm. I left due to time restraints and disagreements in terms of the content I was producing. The beautiful and chipper fox girl has quite the tragic past. 16personalities MBTI avatars. Although she’s a hikikomori, Osakabehime does have friends online. Okita has a few cute catchphrase from “Okita-san, daishouri!” to “Okita-san level up, desu!”. Enjoy and I hope you find the waifu of your dreams. Salter was made to be a little less powerful version of Altria. Waifu Grand Order 2 (FGO Tier List + Chapters) Random. And when on the battlefield, Okita wears a pink haori to put emphasis on her Sakura Saber title. I personally like Jeanne d'Arc for obvious reasons- her saintly demeanour, kind personality as well as treating Jalter as her little sibling.

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