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Open Google Earth. State/Province. Heritage Map. Historic maps are snapshots of the nation's physical and cultural features at a particular time. An introduction to the large, rich and varied map holdings at The National Archives. These maps and documents have been scanned at various resolutions, and can be downloded. All Collections Historic Map Works Osher Map Library Perkins Collection. Maps of the same area can show how an area looked before development and provide a detailed view of changes over time. The USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer allows users to explore the historical maps, save the current view as a web map, and download the maps as high-resolution georeferenced images in GeoTIFF format for use in web mapping applications and GIS. Find a location. The map viewer on the NSW Planning Portal provides access to spatial datasets for certain planning maps incorporated by reference in environmental planning instruments made under the EP&A Act. Sports and Recreation Facilities. Learn more about the … External link NSW Land Registry Services Robinson. The Historical Aerial Imagery Gallery is an interactive application now available on the Canterbury Maps website. Discover the rich, vivid history of Sydney from early Aboriginal life through to the modern global city. New content from the City Archives will be added over time. Year . General Enquiries p: 02 9710 0351 e: library@ssc.nsw.gov.au. NSW Historical Imagery Viewer 4: NSW Spatial Map Viewer: NSW Map Viewer: Topographic Maps (softcopy) via Spatial Collaboration Portal *New map product GDA2020 under development: GeoPDF 2020 Topographic Maps 1: Topographic Maps (softcopy) via Six Maps Store: GeoPDF 2017 Topographic Maps 1: Clip & Ship The Historical Atlas also provides background to Council’s evolving boundaries from 1842 until today. Land and Property Information (LPI), a division of Land and It also provides access to a range of supporting reference data, including current and historic exploration and mining titles, areas of exploration constraints and cadastral information. These maps can be used for historical or house-hunting research, but even if you're not doing research, the maps are fascinating to look at! ... Map of the county, including the various districts and townships prior to consolidation. Soil and Hydrogeological Landscapes. Land Custodianship. N SW Land Registry Services and the NSW government have made a wealth of historical plan, title and map data freely available online.. Order custom prints or download images. Sydney is a vibrant city and it has an ancient heartbeat. You can search for a property and navigate through the gallery to see a snapshot in time at a specific location. This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri ® ArcGIS platform. ; Click View Historical Imagery or, above the 3D viewer, click Time . First World War trench maps - Military maps of Gallipoli, Belgium and France, Egypt and Palestine; By rail or road - an assortment of transport maps, 1850-1950 Attack Pacific! - A collection item from the State Library of New South Wales Call number: Z/M4 810gbp/1903/1 Historical Land Records Viewer is an online tool that gives access to images of historical plans, titles, maps and indexes. Significant Species, Vegetation Communities and Registered Trees. Source: Maptech / PASDA. Environment Canterbury has georeferenced a broad range of historical aerial imagery that spans from 1925 to 2004. Notes The Historical Land Records Viewer (HLRV) is an online tool by NSW Land Registry Services that you can use to further explore parish and historical maps. Vicmap Basemap Services © 2020 State Government of Victoria | Copyright and Disclaimer Sections on maps for family and local history, military and overseas maps, and architectural drawings provide an overview and link to more detailed information and images elsewhere on the website. Old-Maps is the UK's most comprehensive historical map archive comprising site centred historical maps covering England, Wales and Scotland. Historical Atlas of Sydney provides links to many important maps such as survey plans and insurance plans of city buildings from the City of Sydney Archives Historic Land Records Viewer provides access to thousands of digitised parish, county and town maps for New South Wales from the records of NSW Land and Property Information Authority. Historic Gold Maps of Victoria And New South Wales. Find Address ... Mosaic of historic topos for the Philadelphia area. Canberra Tracks. Historic Map Works is the world's largest source for old, historic, antique world maps, charts & residential genealogy. Developed by NSW Land & Property Information. Map multiple locations, get transit/walking/driving directions, view live traffic conditions, plan trips, view satellite, aerial and street side imagery. View georeferenced historic maps combined with elevation data in 3D from a bird's-eye perspective Georeferenced 3D maps viewer - Map images - National Library of Scotland Map images Domestic Animals. The SIX Maps viewer provides access to a range of NSW primary spatial data through an intuitive public interface. LPI | LPMA – HISTORICAL LAND TITLE RECORDS www.lpma.nsw.gov.au www.lpma.nsw.gov.au Historical land title records such as maps, plans and titles offer a link to the past. The 1:1,000,000 plans also show the position of Temporary Reserves or Exploration licenses. 1:1,000,000 scale historic maps show the Public Plan Index at the time of publication, which is a good source of information to find historic Imperial map name or codes. This service provides access to cadastral and topographic information, satellite data and aerial photography for New South Wales. Product for viewing on this site include: - Cadastral, Topographic, Imagery, Place … Gogle maps : google maps 2019 street view google maps directions Bird's Eye View County Map City Directory Nautical Charts Railroad Map State Map Town or City Map Wall Map Check: All / None. Access high-resolution zoomable images of over 230,000 maps of Scotland, England, Wales and beyond These maps can provide valuable insights into new areas. There are two ways of accessing the scanned historical maps. Historic Plans. Date Range. Feedback. We are geo-referencing the maps where possible. These maps and more can be found at the Spatial Information Exchange (SIX), which is the official source of information for geospatial data in New South Wales. They provide a wealth of information about local history and the family history of a house or property. If you would like a certain map done, please email propack@goldmaps.com.au To view, uncheck the higher layer, or adjust its transparency. Aircraft Noise. Street View, by Google Maps, is a virtual representation of our surroundings on Google Maps, consisting of millions of panoramic images. Image Quality. Use the interactive map by clicking on the pins to find your local group and their contact details, or search by group name or location. Stay in touch Email. To see how images have changed over time, view past versions of a map on a timeline. Asbestos Response Taskforce - Indicative Demolition Schedule. NSW geology overview; Projects; Services; Products and data; Geotrails; Key contacts; MinEx CRC; Applications & approvals. Google Earth automatically displays current imagery. All rights reserved. - Japanese pictorial maps of Australia, Asia and the Pacific, 1940-45 Map of New South Wales showing pastoral stations &c. [cartographic material] / by H.E.C. Do more with Bing Maps. There are more than a thousand historical societies, family history groups, keeping places, and community heritage groups across Australia. Advice is given on kinds of maps for which The National Archives is not the best place to start research. History. View our historical imagery gallery. Continent Country. There are also images of pastoral maps, which show pastoral runs from the mid-1800s. Image Collection. More Information Local Studies Librarian, Sutherland Library Phone 02 9710 0225 Email library@ssc.nsw.gov.au. Recent data updates have now made over over 2.5 million records viewable with the tool, which were previously unavailable online. The maps range from the 19th and 20th centuries and were produced variously by Council itself, other government authorities or private surveying firms and individuals. Google Local provides satellite images for NSW at various resolutions Parish Maps (NSW Department of Lands) The online parish map project provides access to many thousands of scanned parish maps Parish Name Search (NSW Geographic Names Register) A search form that returns the parish name for any geographic name in NSW. All Qualities High Informational. MinView is a web mapping application that provides free access to view, search and download a comprehensive range of geoscientific data for NSW.. Historical land records viewer (HLRV) Use this site to access the NSW historical parish, town, county and municipal maps via the Historical Land Records Viewer.

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