how to keep black hair straight in humidity

I live in NJ (veryyyyyy humid) and whenever I straighten my hair it ends up all wavy and poofy by the end of the day. i've tried so many products and nothing works! And i hate it! Keep in mind that light moisturizers are better than their heavier, sometimes greasy, counterparts. Enhance all of your time and effort (things you hardly ever use wisely) with a hair spray that locks in your pin straight strands. When you're done straightening it you can put the straight fixation on again or you could use the John Frieda Frizz- Ease serum: Use just ONE pump of this and smooth it over your hair. how to keep hair straight in humidity? But I get so frustrated with it not staying straight! Either way, when you're hair is dry you can straighten it. thank you!!!! Now it’s time to use your ‘hold’ product of choice, this could be a setting lotion, a mousse or even a gel depending on your preference. Layer Power. Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade repels moisture to keep your hair straight in even the thickest of humidity. Yep I been where you have been. Lv 5. i just need some product or way to be able to keep my hair stick straight … Wash and condition hair with shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for smoothing the hair. Avoid humidity – Keeping your hair dry is an essential part of keeping it straight. Like in school, its straight and then it gets all wavy and bad looking and its really embarrasing because it looks in the morning when i finish straightening it but it gets all curly at the middle and ends. Think about it—humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. I don't use conditioner because it tends to make my hair greasy. what product can i buy at shoppers drug mart to keep my hair straight? If your hair tends to frizz all over, only apply your oily moisturizers to the ends of your hair. Once the hair dries, the serum or gel acts like hair spray to keep all the strands in place. It's found in many haircare products. marissaツ . If you live somewhere with sunny but humid summers, an umbrella can help too. And if you have straight hair, that’s what you may be left with. if so plzz let me noxxxxx. It is also essential to blow dry your hair prior to going outside if you want to keep hair straight in humidity. What can I do to STOP frizzy hair within mins of getting off the plane?? Anti-humidity serums like the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel ($26) add shine as well as fight frizz-causing humidity. One of the problems that i have is that since it is summer the humidity makes my hair curl back up and frizz. It’s pretty strong, though, so spritz just once or twice for fab results. It minimizes frizz because it's water-resistant, and so it prevents humidity from entering the hair shaft and swelling it. i have natural 3c/4a hair...i am moving to a city thats really humid most days. 1- Use a humidity resistant shampoo/conditioner like Bedhead Some Like It Hot - it guards against both humidity and thermal (straightener) damage. Im ok if its big hair but not as if I just had a blow out. But, you don’t need to worry because anti-humidity hair products are made to deal with precisely this problem. Favorite Answer. In fact, hair spray can also work to prevent frizzy hair in humidity, though usually not as well as following the instructions on an anti-frizz product. With the right products and preparation, you can keep your curls no matter the humidity level. This helps keep my hair from taking on a life of its own while I’m out in the elements, and once I remove the clip, run my fingers through my hair, and spray a little bit of anti-humidity spray on my locks, you’d think I had naturally-straight, model-perfect hair. Silicone. use the herbal esenses pin straight shampoo and conditionner [[; it wokrs GREATT!!!! In this article, we have compiled a list of the 15 best anti-humidity hair products … Apply a small amount of lightweight leave-in conditioner to hair and bangs. You can use any oil you like, including food grade oils, as long as they are cold pressed and pure. 100$ but you may be able to find a lower price somewhere but it workes beautifuly! Start by using frizz-controlling shampoo and conditioner, and deep condition your hair regularly. When applied in humidity, hair oils work similarly to hair serum – de-frizzing the hair – making it soft, shiny and manageable. Focus mainly on tips, so as not to weigh down roots. ? && the CHI it is expensive. If your straight style reverts to unruly curls the second you step outside, this relaxing fluid will help preserve that pin-straight look. Thanks so much pplz. I tried that before. I have extremely curly hair. Blot dry with a towel to absorb excess water. After i straighten my hair, it always gets curly like 30 minutes later. Hair oil should be a year-round, all-weather, all-climates hair care staple, as it is extremely nourishing and beneficial for your hair. Humidity-resistant products prevent the frizz and flyaways associated with drizzly weather. It can be used on any hair types after blow drying for a polished finish. my hair is naturally soo curly! and it dont stay straight in the humidity. During the summer i like to straighten my hair with a flat iron. Relevance. and they have the same natural hair as me! I was wondering the same thing. 1 decade ago. =) Answer Save. Then use an oil or a serum as a base, as this will help to keep a protective layer over the hair and seal all cuticles. Layered haircuts are specially designed to both jazz up a plain hairdo and also to help you in maintaining your strands super-sleek during humid weather. How to keep hair straight in humidity? Humidity can be one of hair's biggest enemies, and with good reason. i don't want to spend alot of money. Put it in your hair when your hair is still damp from the shower and then, if you want to, blow dry your hair. How to Keep Curls in Humidity. Having the serum or oil as a base will help to create an easier glide with the brush when drying your hair off. Favourite answer. I use Herbal Esenses Hello Hydration shampoo and morrocanoil. A. I just want to say one word to you—just one word. well, usual girl problem, i have naturally curly/wavy hair. what products help? Help? For more products to keep hair straight in humidity, check out 8 Best Summer Hair Care Products And The 4 Worst. is there ant way in which where i can keep my hair straight in 89% of high humidity??? I have naturally really curly hair. Relevance. but lie all my other friend's hair does. 24 May 2020 - how exactly to keep 4c hair straight in humidity please help!!! Taming frizzy, unmanageable tresses is a battle many women with naturally curly hair face each time the humidity is on the rise. They are anti-humidity products that give your hair a good hold and tame all the flyaways. Its soo annoying. My hair's naturally wavy and voluminous but when I straighten it, it flattens out a lot. Even if there's a little moisture in the air, my hair swells up and gets all curly at the bottom. i ride the bus in the morning, and tomorrows gonna be humid, but i need my hair straight, so any of yall know any good ways for me to keep my hair straight? How can I keep my very curly hair straight and smooth during the summer? Humid weather can really create havoc for your hair.Every day in humid can be a bad hair day if you don’t take care of them enough.Tips to keep hair straight. 1 decade ago. Anti humidity hair products for natural black hair. The products I’ve laid out in this review will help you find the frizz reducing magic formula to give you the frizz-free life that you deserve. I just really love this brand because ALTERNA Haircare Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Hair Spray is literally made to keep your hair choice humid-resistant. How to Keep Bangs Straight and Sleek in High Humidity. Or any secrets to keep my hair straight in humidity. Comb a nickel-sized amount through wet hair, then style as usual, says Norris. 6 Answers. That means you should carry an umbrella on days when it’s even thinking about raining. Learn more about the professional tricks on how to keep hair straight in humidity. I don't really like my natural hair though. 5 Answers. and it take me like an hour and a half to striaghten, i striahgten it and within 5 minutes its all frizzy! Are you listening? You love the straight hair look, but have been battling humidity to keep your style sleek during the summer months. Jawaban Simpan. Answer Save. Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. As hair stylists claim it is essential to banish the flat look of your tresses with a blunt cut. is there a way to keep it straight without getting a relaxer.

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