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Now, that's fun! DO's and DONT's of the Insurance Investigator Interview DO’s and DON’T’s of the Insurance Investigator Interview As an investigative tactic, your Disability insurer will sometimes require an in-person interview with a claimant early on in the process. When the hiring authority can understand your investigative style, they will also be able to determine better if your style is a fit for their existing teams. It also helps to talk to other investigators, and be open about my feelings if I'm experiencing overwhelm. ". Written by Our Experts. An Investigator should have a strong knowledge of the law so that they can address questions and issues from multiple angles. I have developed the ability to remain empathetic and to control feelings of anger that may arise when hearing of these types of situations. Interview Questions Legal Also known as detectives and private investigators, Criminal Investigators work with law enforcement agencies, individuals, and businesses to investigate crimes in an effort to secure convictions. Have you ever confronted a person head on? We all experience disappointment and setbacks in life. ", "I would describe my investigative style as purposeful, organized, and systematic. Talk about your initial reaction and the steps that you take to bounce back. How would you react if a customer claimed a banana peel on the highway caused his accident? You must show the interviewer that you can successfully interact with people who may have challenging personalities. The interviewer wants to hear that you have healthy coping mechanisms when it comes to dealing with the high amounts of pressure that comes from working in the law enforcement industry. Rather than feel angry and internalize the situation, I chose not to allow the outcome to impact my perceived value as an Investigator. ", "I have been exposed to a variety of personalities during my university career. I have learned that I feel discouraged when my expectations do not properly align with reality. I gave myself incremental goals along the way, small checkpoints gaining even the smallest amount of positive reinforcement from her. Keep your answer brief, and be sure to discuss your willingness to improve and take constructive feedback. Already, I find my propensity to hold onto control has decreased, so I'm certainly moving in the right direction. As a special investigation unit investigator, your responsibilities are to detect and address insurance fraud and other forms of suspicious activity. Then, a factor outside of my control derails my progress. The interviewer wants to hear that you are capable of working independently while following directions and instructions carefully. If you have some years of experience, this question will be simple for you to answer. Nobody is perfect, so it's okay to answer this question with some transparency. Kinesic control of the interviewee. Attention to detail is incredibly crucial for a Criminal Investigator, especially when it comes time to keeping accurate records, writing extensive reports, and maintaining case files used in court. With so much being lost to insurance fraud, an insurance investigator is an important asset to any insurance company. What was the date, time and duration of the incident or behavior? There is always more to learn as the world advances in terms of technology. Interview. This situation offers the most stability. What are your strengths and weaknesses? ", "Being new to my career as a Criminal Investigator, I suspect that the first disappointing outcome will be the hardest to handle. Under times of extreme stress, I make sure to keep myself in check by identifying the core of what is causing me the stress. Following this framework allows me to remain well organized and focused as I grow in my investigative career. Be a top performer in my company. The interviewer would like to get an idea of the types and levels of investigations you have been a part of in your career. If this happens, I allow myself a moment to be frustrated, but always in private. Everyone handles led-downs differently, so be clear with the interviewer how you typically cope with these types of situations. Learn how to answer some commonly asked interview questions and what you need to know to come out ahead. ", "Learn as much as I can and be the best in whatever I do. I am very confident in my interviewing skills; however, I am always open to deeper learning. "My weakness comes in task delegation. I can think outside of the box to see a full picture of the job, the crime, the victim, and the criminal. Think about that one person at work who is tough to please. "Absolutely, anything that it takes to do a thorough investigation." You must be honest in this case; however, you will want to choose a weakness that is not a core need for the interviewing company. ", "I am a recent graduate of the Criminal Justice program at XYZ University, with a focus in Criminal Investigations. The employment interview is one of the most important events in a person's experience, because the thirty minutes to one hour spent with the interviewer may determine the entire future course of one's life. Many are former insurance investigators who possess extensive claims experience. Talk about the coursework you took, where you excelled, what was most interesting for you, and how it all ties into your career as a Criminal Investigator. These questions I know what needs doing in a successful investigation, and how I want it done, so it's often easier to do it myself. As a Criminal Investigator, you may be required to perform, participate in, or even lead investigations. You will be working as part of a team? Also, continuous learning is very motivating. Be prepared to give an overview of the situation, what the most significant challenges were, and how you overcame this in the end. I have managed to get my assignments in on time and follow a dedicated study schedule, all while working part-time. "The most rewarding aspect of being a Criminal Investigator, for me, is the involvement in bettering the lives of my community by identifying culprits of crime. I have already improved on this feedback by telling myself to find the lesson in the situation, and then moving forward to a solution right away.". I ask open-ended questions and make sure that every conversation I am a part of is one that brings value to an investigation. "I am driven by challenges, and describe my investigative style as focused, methodical, and also creative. GEICO employs an entire division of associates whose sole mission is to detect, deter, and defeat insurance fraud. Be sure to show a lot of enthusiasm for your work when you answer this question. What the interviewer will also be looking for is that you have an action plan in place for improving on this weakness. Free interview details posted anonymously by Progressive Insurance interview candidates. ", "Being new to my criminal investigation career, I suspect that I will come across many challenges in my first few years, and I am ready to meet these challenges with hard work and enthusiasm. What made you choose to pursue a career as an Insurance Investigator? I interviewed at IAT Insurance Group. 2 Updated: Top 10 investigation interview questions with answers To: Top 36 investigation interview questions with answers On: Mar 2017 3. These questions should serve as tools to help the investigator develop an interview around the emerging facts of the case, and should not replace other thoughtful and well-reasoned questions. "I took a couple of classes including Interview & Interrogation when I was completing my Criminal Justice degree. On the toughest days as a Criminal Investigator, what drives you? What have you done to become a better Insurance Investigator? ", "Excelling in anything I do and hopefully in a supervisory role. In reality, interviewing a criminal investigator is just like interviewing candidates for most other jobs. ", "Yes. "Absolutely, anything that it takes to do a thorough investigation. With the growth of IoT and the challenges with virtual evidence, I expect to face roadblocks when it comes to the collection, inventory, and use of digital evidence. Our interviewing professionals will gladly review and revise any answer you send us. It also makes it easier to know how to motivate the … I will keep up with these challenges by reading and learning more about the internet of things, cybercrime, and best practices in unconventional criminal investigations.". 3. I read books and try to limit unnecessary screen time, such as scrolling through social media.". I feel well prepared to begin my career and am enthusiastic about expanding upon these building blocks.". Free ebook Top 36 investigation interview questions with answers 1 2. I believe it's important for an investigator to remain collected so I would take a minute to digest the information, and then reassess my approach or strategy. The biggest challenges that I expect to face this year include learning the related systems and various communication tech tools. Those employed by an insurance company often have the security that comes with a full-time job, which includes a guaranteed salary plus benefits. Whether you have many years of experience or are a recent graduate, your knowledge in investigations should be one of the keys to your career success. My former Criminology prof was this way, so I adapted by sticking solely to the facts when giving answers and presenting data versus opinions. Continue practicing by visiting these similar question sets. Insurance investigators may be private investigators or employees of the insurance company. When were you able to resolve a problem within work. Give the interviewee a choice of times for the interview, being respectful of his or her workload. Be sure to end your response on a positive note. "I have a degree in Criminal Justice from ABC University with a major in Corrections. Why do you want to be an Insurance Investigator? 2. Firehouse. We have thousands of questions and answers created by interview experts. Many stresses come from being a Criminal Investigator. With that said, I do welcome teamwork, collaboration, and feedback on my performance.". Take a few moments to bring your education to life for the interviewer. Top 36 investigation interview questions with answers pdf 1. I know that I need to work on taking setbacks in stride. Sign up to access our library of 50,000+ Answers. Do you have any experience in this field? Give your response, and then support your reply with a real-life example. They want to know more about how you approach and understand your work. Talk about how you felt, the way you reacted, and what you learned from the situation. If you are new to your career, speak about what you believe will be the most significant challenge ahead of you. "Last year I worked on a very complicated investigation surrounding drug trafficking and money laundering. What I have done in the past is taught myself to be an extra-keen listener. This division, known as the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), is composed mainly of individuals who have extensive law enforcement experience as well as insurance … ", "I am intrigued with the industry and I enjoy putting the pieces of the puzzle together. In fact, they often come to me when their work needs a second set of eyes. If you can, provide an example of a time when you implemented a stress-management technique in your current role. Being an Investigator for several years, I have had the opportunity to streamline many processes, which I believe saves me time and ensures I do not need to rush my work. There is always more to learn, and I look forward to gaining more tips and tricks in perception, as I grow in my investigative career.". These times of stress might be when I have a full exam schedule or multiple deadlines to meet. Be prepared to discuss how you plan to overcome the situation. In your field of work, you will come across many people with different characteristics. Over the years, I have further mastered different interrogation techniques, including cognitive interviews, leading and loaded questions, and kinesic interviews. Senior Investigator Job Interview Questions & Answers. Or maybe they are not a team player. Some of my favorite classes include Investigations Practice, Crime Scenes, and Forensics & Evidence. I have learned skills and investigative methods that I am very eager to apply. Identifying inconsistencies, finding details, thinking like a fraudster leads to material evidence. Discuss how you can thrive, even during the most stressful times. With that said, I am open and willing to learn other methodologies and approaches. I am currently reading 'The Art of Delegation.' MAKING YOUR JOB INTERVIEW SUCCESSFUL. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. All interview questions are created by and are not official interview questions for any organization listed on If you are new to your career as a Criminal Investigator, you can give an example from an internship or your post-secondary studies. Maybe you listen to podcasts, read books, and actively learn new methodologies for improving on this shortcoming. This part should be a breeze. Due to politics out of our control, my unit did not see our desired outcome. There was a great deal of focus on PEACE, which is Preparation and Planning, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure, and Evaluate. They have also asked for permission to speak with Greg’s family and friends. I look forward to learning more as I grow with your organization.". ", "As a student, much of what I do is based on independent learning, studying, and research. I made it a fun challenge for myself. There are a plethora of skills a Criminal Investigator should possess to be successful in the workplace. Talk to the interviewer about your level of attentiveness when it comes to the smaller details. 1. Criminal Investigators must get used to suffering setbacks in their careers, as cases do not always go as planned. I believe this is a common weakness of investigators who are newer to their careers. ", "While gaining my degree in Criminal Justice, I have come across a plethora of fascinating case studies. An interview is a “guided conversation” requiring the private investigator to be both a sender of information (asking the questions) as well as a receiver of information (listening to the answer, understanding what new facts were gained and formulating another question). This book has given me ideas on how to grow the responsibilities of those around me. More interesting, each case based on its own merits. "I have a well-honed ability to point out discrepancies in my work, and catch most anything before it reaches the desk of a coworker or my superior. She was notoriously difficult on the newbies, but I took this on as a challenge. Asking good questions is just a small piece of a very big puzzle. Lately, I have been learning a great deal about cybercrime investigation and prevention. Uncover why Citizen Property Insurance is the best company for you. Usually you will not work a typical 9-5, are you okay working throughout the day? How good are you working in a team? For additional information on behavioral interviewing and how to use these interview guides, view the Power Point presentation provided to the California Network of Learning Professionals. Rachelle is a job search expert, career coach, and headhunter. To keep myself grounded, I stay well-rested and put an importance on self-care. Investigators often face issues that are difficult to absorb as people are victimized, and details are challenging to hear. Executive | Text Only (RTF). How many times did this happen? ", "Eager to get more evidence he can't deny. It's essential to strike a healthy balance when answering this question - a balance between being independent yet still able to collaborate well with others. What did they say? ", "Yes, client on a reguler driver and claim was rjected. In this particular case, I had to adhere to different constitutional protections related to evidence from digital devices. ... investigators to take statements from witnesses and insured’s be sure that they work from a script so that your basic questions are answered predictably in a logical format. Choose a fault that you can begin to improve immediately. "As a Criminal Investigator, I must remain cool on the job. "I believe the top qualities for a Criminal Investigator to possess include organization, a strong sense of self, high levels of integrity, and confidence. What separates us is how we react in situations where we feel let down. I can be trusted to deliver my work promptly and work efficiently in the absence of supervision. Usually you will not work a typical 9-5, are you okay working throughout the day? 20 Insurance Investigator Interview Questions. If you are new to your career, be ready to discuss what you believe will be your biggest positive drivers. What was the problem and what was the end result? These courses taught me helpful basics. If a supervisor were to provide you with feedback or criticism, what might they say? In the end, I was able to collect the information needed; however, the process took much longer than I initially anticipated. Where do you see yourself five, ten or fifteen years from now? New evidence can railroad a theory, people you rely on for testimony can prove untrustworthy, and more. You can keep your answer brief. "I am highly resilient to stress and believe this is because of my twelve years of experience within high-pressure investigative environments. Our goal is to create interview questions and answers that will best prepare you for your interview, and that means we do not want you to memorize our answers. Although technology is fast-changing, and making our lives easier in many ways, as an Investigator - there can be a lot of red tape with it comes to digital evidence. These courses helped me immensely when it comes to my knowledge of collecting, recording, and analyzing evidence. ", "Last semester, a professor told me I needed to thicken up my skin when it comes to mistakes occurring on projects. Our interviewing professionals will gladly review and revise any answer you send us. Claim Specialist - Special Investigations Unit at State Farm was asked... Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult client. The interviewer would like to know how you react when it comes to setbacks in a case. ", "My supervisor recently provided me with the feedback that I need to spend less time concerning myself with policy, and more time trusting that I am making the right decision, for an investigation and my team. If hired, how long would you stay with our company? Insurance Job Interview Preparation. Here are 16 sample investigation interview questions to ask the complainant: What happened? What is general insurance? Remove extra distractions, such as computers, files, paperwork, in the interview room. List five words that describe your character. I mustn't allow ego to get in the way of my growth. Read our Terms of Use for more information >. Perhaps there is someone at work who tries to intimidate others. Win your next job by practicing from our question bank. I believe my coworkers would say that my attention to detail is impeccable. The industry can be tight-knit so, stay classy and avoid speaking poorly of anyone. When were you able to resolve a problem within work? You must create your own answers, and be prepared for any interview question in any interview. To get the most out of your fraud investigation interviews, remember these 5 important steps: 1. I will work to break down that specific situation and then move onto other priorities. Did anyone else see it happen? If you only want to use one long-trusted guidance, this is it. To be perceptive means that you are observant, good at solving problems, and figuring out solutions. Talk about the autonomy you have in your current role, and how well you do working on your own. I like to develop information and entertain various scenarios. Interview witnesses, passengers and other drivers. Be prepared to recognize that you aren't great at everything. BIG INSURANCE COMPANY is now asking Greg for a lot of personal information including phone records, TAB records and loan statements. August 10, 2017. by Our Experts. While the investigation of an insurance claim might make you feel like you are on trial, just remember that, armed with the facts, you will get the money you deserve and that your policy covers. ", "I would happy that I had achieved a least part of my goal on a case. I must remain professional and quickly recover so that I can remain focused on what I can control. name 5 types of general insurance? It wasn't the most profound relationship that I built during my time in post-secondary, but I did learn some valuable communication lessons.". How are your communication skills? Think about some mistakes you have made at work or any suggestions for improvement received. How did you successfully interact with this … ", "Very politely disagree but allow the customer to explain hoe. Give the interviewer an example of a time when the outcome of your case was discouraging. Vol 7 No 6 (1989), p 8-9+. I believe the more I know, the more I will learn to trust my knowledge base, and problem-solving process.".

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