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If you already have an appliance with a high heating capacity that works normally but does not heat enough, you probably need a central heating system, such as a warm air wood furnace. Your chimney thermometer should be positioned on the exhaust pipe, approximately 18 inches above the unit. Unless a liner is installed, serious draft problems can occur. the style you like best, and put the unit in the room where you spend the For instance, if you install a heater in the basement and you have 800 sq.ft., you will need a heater with a minimum capacity of 1,400 sq.ft. 2000 wood fire with fan Type of fuel : Wood Approximate heating area : 195 sq. This ensures the heat is distributed evenly throughout the home and that there are no cold spots. Osburn's 2000 wood burning insert delivers impressive looks as well as top notch performance with a firebox 20% larger than the 1800 model, for longer burn time. As a result, if the style and size of the heater you are looking for is available in a certified version, it is highly recommended that you invest in this advanced combustion technology. This appliance comes with a standard high-power, heat-activated 120 CFM fan strategically positioned to redistribute the heat from the firebox into the room. 1-418-908-8002 The 2200 is Osburn's best seller and If the unit had the issues you mentioned 1) I would know about it 2) We'd stop selling it. Your appliance’s heating capacity can be found on the printed literature, in the owner’s manual, or in the technical data section on our web site. Osburn stoves and fireplaces are EPA certified and are available in several different styles: The 900, 1100, 1500, 1600, 2300 and 2400 series all offer a traditional body style, with a single front-facing window. Some companies will advertise longer burn times, but be careful, this calculation is made from the time you light the fire to the time there is absolutely no combustible left into the firebox. (800+400+200= 1,400). Yes, floor protection is required for any wood appliance unless the In order to obtain a sufficient draft, your chimney must have a minimum height. Otherwise, you need to make sure that the air leaving the room is replaced by air from outside the house. Skip to the end of the images gallery. The required distance for each heater model is based on the safety tests conducted with each type of connector. Hence, the BTU as per the EPA’s test data is reduced. SKU: PRD_5ecfda30cd067 Category: Osburn. Do not foresee any problems. Logs with a diameter exceeding 6 inches should always be split. 2- The air control mechanism is not open enough. Stoves, fireplaces, and inserts are used for "zone heating”. By clicking on "Got It", you agree to our privacy and cookie policies. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . Robyn & John Dehey Solution #4: Your exhaust system may be too tortuous or may lack a sufficiently steep slope. Get great deals on Osburn Inspire 2000 Wood Stove at Obadiah's! Some units are designed to receive an adapter on which the fresh air supply pipe can be directly connected. Ideally, your exhaust system should not have more than one 90° elbow. If you need to heat two floors, calculate the surface of the lower floor. It will always be prudent to buy a heater with a capacity that is slightly higher than the minimum capacity that you need. Other performances are based on a fuel load prescribed by the standard. Osburn's environmentally friendly 2000 wood insert uses an advanced wood combustion system, including a secondary air source, to reduce fuel wood consumption up to 33%. SBI sells its products through several brands having a high recognition in their respective market niche. There are three main advantages in buying a larger appliance: the increased heating capacity, the ease of loading more and larger logs (as a result of the greater firebox volume), and the increased combustion time (given the higher loading capacity). The Osburn 2000 is one of the latest addition to the Osburn family of wood stoves. The majority of insulated chimneys have 2 inches of insulation, while some have just 1 inch. Osburn Wood Stove Inserts. As it is our President burned the 2200 for many years and in his opinion is one of our best firebox and best performer. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know about This is why mobile-home approved stoves have an adapter that hooks-up to the unit and connects to a fresh air intake on the outside wall of the house through an insulated pipe. If you need to heat more than two floors, calculate the surface of the lower floor (where the wood-heating system is located). Avoid stacking logs to the top of the firebox. The room may be too insulated or too small. (PDF - 0.4 Mo), 2D Diagrams - DWG File - Pedestal This revamped version now offers an incredibly low average particulate emissions rate of only 1.54 g/h, a maximum heat output of 75,000 BTU/h and 77% optimum efficiency. Then, add 50% of the surface of the upper floor. Heated air flows which are circulated through perforated channels under the baffle, allow for a more complete combustion; reducing wood consumption and cutting down on emissions released into the atmosphere. The wood insert (like all other inserts) has an extra steel jacket that covers about 2/3 of its firebox on the sides and all of its back. This new version keeps its 2.4 cubic foot combustion chamber and still offers the same power with an impressive emission performance of around 1.54 g/h. 3 Reviews Add Your Review. $2,000.00 Breckwell SP24I, Matte Black ... Our chimney was collapsing and needed to be rebuilt, so when we had it rebuilt, we built it to fit around this Osburn Matrix Wood Insert stove. buying a wood-heat system. If you are looking for a slightly more traditional line of fireplace inserts then the Osburn Matrix 2700 Wood Insert may be what you're looking for. The moisture content is between 19% and 25%. As their name indicates, double-wall pipes have a second wall, i.e., an interior one made of stainless steel. Fuel Type: Dry cordwood; Heating Capacity: 500 – 2,100 sqft; Maximum heat output: 75,000 BTU/h (22.0 kW) Request A Quote. The cushion of air between the two walls provides thermal insulation allowing the appliance to be installed much closer to walls. The Osburn 2000 Insert proves that a wood burning insert can be elegant in design and still provide a major source of heat like the bulky old stoves of the past. Reviews by Wood Stove Series 900. Both types are made of stainless steel. The Osburn 2000 wood stove is rated for heating 750- 2100 sq feet. Can't wait to try it. You need to obtain a good bed of red embers and the logs must be completely lit up before you close the air control completely. Your exhaust system is comprised of two main $2,069.00. This “tail end” will provide heat for another 4 to 5 hours. While the aesthetic gives you the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, the Osburn 1800 Wood Stove Review. After doing a lot of online research I settled on this stove for the modern look of the stove and the positive reviews I found. accepted benchmark for the design, construction and operation of high Reviews (15) Description. This efficiency is more realistic for a majority of users whose heating needs require that the unit be used to maximize burn times. It will always be colder in the rooms that are distant from the heater. Choose Additional Stove Panels ... For use with Osburn Inspire 2000 Wood Stoves with Minimalist Base Kits; More Info. Especially if you live in a warm climate, you don’t necessarily need an extremely powerful fireplace. The term “black pipe” is also often used in the industry. Most appliances can also have a thermodisc installed. Offering a 2.4 cu ft firebox and capacity of up to a 20" log length the Osburn 2000 is a great choice for a medium sized home. 2D Diagrams - DXF File - Legs The 2000 gives outstanding performance, operating at 60%-80% efficiency, compared to the 40%-60% of conventional stoves. It is definitely possible to cook on the top of your stove. Give us a call, e-mail us, or stop by our showroom to learn more! This insert is a fusion of old style, and new innovation. Osburn's environmentally friendly 2000 wood insert uses an advanced wood combustion system, including a secondary air source, to reduce fuel wood consumption up to 33%. A covered chimney will heat-up faster.Solution #2: Negative pressure may be caused by air-moving devices, such as a range hood, a bathroom fan, or an air exchanger. Description: Year after year, the 2000 model remains one of the most popular wood stoves in the Osburn range. It must, however, be noted that a fresh air intake, even if it is not mandatory, will always provide the advantage of better balancing the house with regards to combustion air. SBI (the Osburn brand manufacturer) specializes in the design and manufacture of residential heating appliances using as main fuel wood, wood pellets and biomass. Great stove. Contact Us. The optimum efficiency that we publicize is the efficiency obtained according to the same test data, but for the low burn rate only. The rating systems are adapted to the Canadian market through an inclusive process that engages stakeholders and experts representing the various sectors of the Canadian industry. Very satisfied, very efficient, adds warm ambiance. Solution: Adjust the air control mechanism in order to keep the flue temperature within the comfort zone (between 250 °F and 475 °F) on your chimney thermometer. Average overall efficiency (EPA cribs/Douglas fir) : Average overall efficiency (dry cordwood) : Glass surface – dimensions (Width X Height), Firebox lined with refractory bricks for better heat distribution, Stainless-steel secondary-air system improving gas combustion, Tested and listed as per applicable standards, Clearance – top (measured from the platform on which the appliance is installed)**. For the same volume, hardwood will produce more heat. Connectors are simply steel pipes that connect the appliance to the insulated chimney. (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ encourages and accelerates global adoption Ideally, your exhaust system should not have more than one 90° elbow. They must be certified for venting solid-fuel burning appliances. This item will not ship via UPS, or USPS. Osburn 2000 Wood Insert. After years and years, the Osburn 2000 Wood burning stove has been the best selling product they make. such as stone, brick, cement board, or tile. With this model, the 130 CFM fan is still included; unquestionably the best opportunity this season! A minimum of 18 inches is required between the pipe and a combustible wall. (DXF - 6.7 Mo). No matter what the appliance model is, the maximum BTU output will be obtained over approximately 33% of the total burn cycle. (8) This appliance is officially tested and certified by an independent agency. The heat and look of a glowing fire will create an atmosphere of Osburn's environmentally friendly Inspire 2000 wood stove insert uses an advanced wood combustion system, including a secondary air source, to reduce fuel wood consumption up to 33%. In wood-heat system installations, we must use an insulated chimney for any flue that passes through walls, ceilings, attics and closets (i.e., all combustible surfaces in general). Without an additional source of oxygen, the draft will remain weak and cause the glass stay dirty. You first have to identify what your needs are. Storage is also very important. It had all the bells and whistles we were looking for in a new 2020 approved efficient stove for the size of our house. The chimney must comply with the building code of your country, state or province. (DWG - 1.8 Mo) USD $0.00. important that you clearly identify what your needs are. It will help you understand the explanations provided in this section. Customize your appliance to suit your décor: refined door overlays, new leg designs, glass ash lip with integrated ash pan; significant innovations for the most seasoned experts. Finally at their most basic all wood stoves are black square boxes made of metal. ... Osburn Inspire 2000 Insert: Fuel: Wood: Overall Dimensions 24"H x 28-1/2"W x 20-3/4"D Heating Area 500-2100 sq. Osburn Inspire 2000 Stove Base Kit (add $352.69) View Product Info. Revamped in 2018 to refine the design, setting new standards for emissions, the new version maintains the 2.4 cubic ft. firebox and offers up to 75,000 BTU/hr, while investing in an impressive emissions performance of about 1.54 g/hr! 2D Diagrams - DWG File - Legs For instance, if you need a minimum capacity of 1,400 sq.ft., it will be more prudent to buy a heater with a capacity of 1,600 sq.ft., if not 1,800 sq.ft. Visit one of our showrooms today! Before setting up your unit, refer to the installation manual. We have everything you need! INSTANT SAVINGS! If you notice a significant improvement, it is a sign that the unit needs more oxygen. This product can expose you to carbon monoxide, which is known to the Osburn Matrix 2000 Wood Insert OB02028 - EPA 2020. It usually needs to be lined with refractory bricks, metal, or clay tiles sealed together with fire cement. If the heater is installed in an open room, in a house that is more or less air-tight, combustion air will normally be easily replaced. An option is to use a cast iron cooking grid or simply lay a piece of stainless steel on top of the stove. Wood that has been cut for one, two or even more years will not necessarily be dry if it has been stored in poor conditions. Appliances with that kind of output all have fairly large fireboxes. The Certification is based on the total point score achieved, following an independent review and an audit of selected Credits. Ideally, it should be below 25%. Furthermore, it must be noted that certified heaters release up to 90% less particles into the atmosphere, which makes wood a renewable and clean source of heat. The Canadian Green Building Council (CGBC) certifies LEED projects. Osburn 2200 wood stove insert (27 pages) Summary of Contents for Osburn 2000. This serves to accumulate the heat radiated by the firebox. Light-up a small quantity of newspaper in the appliance, as close as possible to the flue outlet. This can be very useful in case of power failure. This is required because mobile homes (or manufactured homes) are often very airtight. General Review: The Osburn 1800 is a wood burning fireplace that utilizes the power of a blower to deliver the heat throughout the house in a uniform and smooth manner. Quick shop . When we speak of a 6-inch chimney, we are referring to its interior diameter. performance green buildings. In this case, the installation of a fresh air intake is not required. Solution #3: The chimney may be too short. The two models share the same high quality combustion properties and many of the same features. In the USA, the Call us now toll free: The wood insert (like all other inserts) has an extra steel jacket that covers about 2/3 of its firebox on the sides and all of its back. Our Osburn stove burns surprisingly clean, with not a lot of smokiness associated with most wood-burning stoves; most of the smoke is carried away quickly through the stovepipe. Others are air-insulated and have 3 walls; they are referred to as “triple-wall air-cooled chimneys. LEED is a third-party certification program and an internationally In 2018, Osburn redefines the design of this heating appliance and sets new standards for emissions. A good, permanent solution is the installation of a fresh air intake. elements: a chimney and a connector (commonly called "stove pipe"). With four possible levels of certification (certified, silver, gold and platinum), LEED® is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of green building strategies that best fit the constraints and goals of particular projects. Your wood should have been properly dried for about one year. ), 54" X 46 3/4" MODULAR FLOOR PROTECTION SYSTEM, CERTIFIED MODULAR HEAT SHIELD SYSTEM EXTENSION, 53" X 58 1/2" CERTIFIED MODULAR HEAT SHIELD SYSTEM, Osburn 2000 wood stove install & owner's manual The wood should be stored in a place where the grass is not too long, and where the wind will be able to circulate between the logs. WARNING: ), SILICONE AND 5/8" X 8' BLACK DOOR GASKET KIT, METALLIC BLACK STOVE PAINT - 342 g (12oz) AEROSOL, METALLIC BLACK STOVE PAINT - 85 g (3oz) AEROSOL, 6" ROUND BRUSH WITH POLYPROPYLENE BRISTLES (3/8" NPT), KEVLAR THREAD WOOD STOVE AND FIREPLACE GLOVES, WOOD APPLIANCE GLASS CLEANER (500 mL - 16.9 FL.OZ. So if you are looking for a 6 to 8-hour burn time, make sure you choose an EPA or CSAB415.1-10 certified wood heater with a BTU output (using cordwood) of 60,000 BTU or more. ft. Verify that the area you try to heat respects your appliance’s heating capacity. of sustainable green building and development practices through the creation model. (DWG - 1.8 Mo) Wood Heat sells the Osburn Matrix 2000, plus wood inserts from other top manufacturers. ), HIGH TEMPERATURE CLEAR SILICONE (300 mL - 10.1 FL.OZ. The recommended heated area for a given appliance is defined by the manufacturer as its capacity to maintain a minimum acceptable temperature in the designated area in case of a power failure. The wood you burn plays an important role in the overall performance of your heater. This Duluth Forge Dual Fuel Insert is a great option if you’re looking specifically for a fuel-efficient fireplace. The paint needs to be "cured". Osburn Wood Burning Stoves Here are just a handful of products from the Osburn line. Unfortunately, there is a major design difference between a freestanding wood stove and a wood insert. You need to heat your appliance two or three of times before the curing process is completed. The combustion time for an EPA or CSAB415.1-10 certified, non-catalytic wood appliance depends on many factors, the most important being the size of its firebox. The chimney diameter should be the same as the appliance’s flue outlet (6 inches for most models). With a 2.3 cubic foot firebox, the Osburn 2000 will delight the most serious of wood stove enthusiasts who want both style and heating power. $2,949.00. Under extreme conditions, it may have rotted instead of drying. This chimney must also be installed outside the house. Osburn Stratford II Zero Clearance Wood Fireplace Insert OB04007. For instance, if you want to heat an 800-square-foot area on one floor, you need to buy a heater with a minimum capacity of 800 sq. If you have verified all the points mentioned above and your heater works fine, but still does not produce enough heat, you may be asking for more than what your appliance can realistically give you. Monday to Friday Discover the additional qualities of the Osburn 2000 wood stove, Government incentives may apply to this product.LEARN MORE. You need to consult your owner's Osburn 2200 Wood Stove: The model 2200 is basically a newer version of the older 1800 model and it features a 20 percent larger bay window in the door to increase the viewing area of the fire. Osburn 2000 wood stove dimensions This serves to accumulate the heat radiated by the firebox. The maximum BTU output we advertise is what will be obtained with a full load of seasoned cordwood inserted inside the firebox. This revamped version now offers an incredibly low average particulate emissions rate of only 1.54 g/h, a maximum heat output of 75,000 BTU/h and 77% optimum When you realize that smoke is being evacuated normally through the exhaust system, you can build a normal fire. The Osburn 2000 wood stove is a great stove at an affordable price for most medium sized homes. You first need to ensure that the room where the heater is located is sufficiently large and well ventilated. The wood should be stored in a place where the grass is not too long, and where the wind will be able to circulate between the logs.

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