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In fact, the very first Neptune prototype had a similar sapphire crystal, but we felt like it just didn’t capture the vintage magic we were going for. You're already subscribed to the Chrono24 newsletter. Before ordering the new band I wanted to see if I could fix the scratched crystal. $17.95. Many times when you have a watch crystal to fix or replace you may need to reduce the size of the crystal slightly to fit the watch. Plexi’s flexible nature makes it easier to scratch, but harder to break. Quick view Choose Options. ORDERS PLACED ON DEC. 24 WILL SHIP MONDAY, DEC. 28. Shop Genuine and Non Original Cases. PLEXIGLAS® - The Original Acrylic. The seller will send your watch as soon as the money arrives in the account. How should I proceed? Glass crystals are also common in watches. In this guide you will learn how to cut down or trim plastic crystals. They still had stragglers though: their most toolish models, the no-date Submariner and the Rolex Explorer, had acrylic crystals until 1989. ead on for our responses to the most common questions we’ve gotten on the topic. The feeling can be even worse on a brand-new watch, or one that just returned from servicing.But before you send your tainted timepiece back for a crystal replacement, you may want to consider a home remedy. Believe it or not, it’s not about cost. There’s a reason why Omega still makes the  Speedmaster with a plastic crystal, and Sinn their Flieger chronographs (103 and 356)—and these are watches that cost much more. Get the best deal for Omega Plastic Acrylic Watch Crystals from the largest online selection at While all modern Rolex watches are fitted with crystals craft from highly scratch-resistant synthetic sapphire, older Rolex timepieces were manufactured with crystals made from a plastic-like material known as acrylic. We've gotten this comment before, and even though plexi does cost us more, just stating that fact hasn't proven convincing to most people. As they shifted from tool watches to the high luxury market in the 1970s and 80s, they transitioned to using sapphire instead of acrylic crystals. With every manufacturer we went to, a flat sapphire cost less than a truly vintage-style dome plexi, especially in small-batch, specialized manufacturing (for instance, here’s one that costs $250). Plexiglass Watch Crystal Fits Hamilton Intramatic Waterman . Which crystal is fitted to your Rolex watch? Get it by Thu, Jul 23 - Mon, Aug 10 from Slangerup, Denmark • New without tags condition • No returns, but backed by eBay Money back guarantee; I have 3 new plexiglass watch crystals for sale. Deeper scratches like the ones in this crystal need a more serious approach. A watch crystal often called a watch glass is a transparent lens which protects the watch face. At this point, our goal isn’t to convince you, but to explain why we do what we do as best we can. Not many of us have access to vintage sports watches, so it's always difficult to translate what makes them special. The wonderful thing about plastic and glass crystals is the fact that they can be custom cut, shaped, or trimmed to fit different watch cases. Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 31.6 Diameter New Old Stock... Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 35.15 Diameter New Old Stock, Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 22.45 Diameter New Old Stock, Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 20.10 Diameter New Old Stock Date, Omega Plexiglass Crystal Glass Tv Style Vp Pn New Old Stock, Omega Crystal Plexiglass 29.6 Nos New Old Stock, Omega Crystal Plexiglass 29.7 Nos New Old Stock, Omega Crystal Plexiglass 33.3 Nos New Old Stock, Omega Crystal Plexiglass 29.6 New Old Stock Nos. Although not a fan of those straps, I just might look into this. Order from us and experience the best service in the watch material business. Genuine vintage plexiglass crystals, price is for 1 crystal, new old stock 254615200118 Very easy site to use. Available with Tension Rings as well. Omega Listing: Rp. The watch cover, a piece of clear material that protects the dial and internals. Besides, sapphire is already the default option for the plethora of other brands (micro or otherwise) making fantastic watches. It's important for us to be proud of what we're making, and we're quite passionate about this (if you couldn't tell already)! It’s about recreating a certain magic that vintage watches had. OMEGA WATCH ACRYLIC CRYSTAL FACTORY NEW O63PZ5005 WHITE RING . Unlike plexy, mineral and sapphire crystals can not be re-polished. Some scratches are big and noticeable but most are very fine scratches that you don't notice on their own but they give the watch … ", "Given the choice between acrylic or sapphire, I’ll always choose acrylic for its warmth...". I have found an item I would like to buy. In short, it's more visually pleasing (clearer, warmer, less reflective), harder to break/shatter (more tool-ish), and more authentic to the spirit of a mid-century sports watch. As pointed out by other forum members, due to the hardness of sapphire crystal, it is also brittle and shatters more easily than mineral glass or plexiglass. Still learning. As plexiglass is the least durable material of the three, we are going to tell you a little bit more about the sapphire crystal and mineral crystal so that you know how to choose the option that will work for you best. The least expensive type of watch crystal is a form of plastic, made of the softest material of all three crystals. In the rare case that something doesn't go as planned, you can rely on our customer support team. $26.00 shipping. $129.99. Easy communication with the authorized deale... 4.8 out of 5 stars The optical quality of plexi allows a watch to "pop" more, because it has much less glare than sapphire's cold, mirror-like finish. Long-time member. Modern “double dome” sapphire crystals are affordable, but barely curved, as you can see below: We know some will actually prefer the more modern profile. Plexi is much harder to work with because of its flexibility, so it needs an additional steel ring to retain tension. Adding to your basket. Buy Here: GS Hypo Cement is a professional strength jeweler's and watchmaker's glue. On its own, plexi still looks fantastic and is still extremely practical. There are three types of commonly used crystals for watches: acrylic/plastic, mineral, and sapphire. What this basically means is we can’t re-use the same cases, and would have to double case production. C $31.80 shipping.  |  Besides, if you do scratch plexi, it’s extremely easy to polish—it's the only material for a crystal where scratches don't have to be permanent. Add to basket . So simple, yet so much science behind it. Here at Watch repair Shop we offers watch glass Replacement Services. 4 hours ago, dave47 said: No, P.! Hesalite is a plexiglass material, made from a form of acrylic. We’re clearly in the minority when it comes to the choice of crystal we use in our watches. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... Omega Vintage Plexiglass Crystal 31.80mm NOS. While we do aim to be a profitable business, not everything is about money. Have now purchased one watch. Regardless, we do get a lot of inquiries, so read on for our responses to the most common questions we’ve gotten on the topic: Why would I buy a watch with a plastic crystal, when I could get sapphire for the same price or less? The seller will ship your order after you have transferred payment. In short, it's more visually pleasing (clearer, warmer, less … Why do we love it? A crystal with only very light scratches is easily polished using watch crystal polish, car headlight polish, or Brasso. Here's how to negotiate a price with a seller: If you have questions about this item, contact the seller by clicking on the ". Instead, you'll be taken to the order overview page. Any of these will remove enough material from the crystal to eliminate such scratches. Hesalite came about in the 1840s and has been used widely in a number of different areas. The seller will only receive payout once you have the watch in your hands. I feel like you’re just saying all this as a way to cut costs and maximize profit. Watch Parts Watch Crystal To Fit Cartier® Large Tank. Mineral crystal is different than a plexiglass or acrylic crystal, so I don't believe so. Mineral is more like glass what from I'm told, whereas this works on plastics. Huge Selection of Crystal Clear Plexiglass Sheets Cut-to-Size & In Stock at ePlastics. FOR SALE! Why do we love it? Watch Crystal Imitation Curved Skagen® Mineral Glass Watch Crystal. Collect 17 Nectar points . Sent with Australia Post Standard Small Box/Satchel. Unfortunately the watch crystal is very scratched up. I fel... Incredibly easy process with the safety net built in due to the Escrow service. Scratches and damage to a watch’s glass or crystal can be unsightly and particularly severe abrasions may obscure the dial. Which crystal is fitted to your Rolex watch? Visit the listing and click on the green "Buy" button. It's that easy: scratches before and after a quick application of Polywatch. As a small, self-financed brand, this simply isn’t feasible, especially since our hearts wouldn't really be in it. Fast Shipping and Easy Online Ordering. C $66.23. In order to feature a high water resistance rating, the case mounting method between plexi and sapphire are different. The benefit that hesalite brings is that, since it is relatively soft, it can be shaped into the required form quite easily. The seller will make you an individualized offer, including shipping costs. We will then send you the payment information so you can pay for your order. For instance, look at these icons with plastic crystals.*. dave Actually, BB, that nato looks very nice!! Crystals can be made out of four materials as below: Perspex or Plexiglass (this is a clear plastic material) Conventional glass which is similar to that used for windows That’s OK! Welcome to Infinity Timewatch, and this guide will walk you through some of the common watch crystal types used to make the watch covers – So you know what you are getting for your watch. No payment is required at this stage. We carry all available brands of watch material including crystals. Reviews: 208. In today’s context, they’re mostly used as accessories/jewelry, so of course, the priority would be to keep them looking pristine. Various sizes and heights available. If it does, it cracks rather than shatters, so there won’t be loose shards that could harm the dial and movement. In sum, we love plexi because it allows us to time travel a little bit. Open your door to 500,000 watch enthusiasts every day, You may also be interested in these watches. OMEGA PLEXIGLASS CRYSTAL Vintage NOS -choose from list - $13.16. But it's not only for the sake of nostalgia, not just to call back to an era of watches as instruments. What should I do? A great shopping experience, I can strongly recommend using this company for any purchases. Over 2,500 successful private sellers each month. Rolex’s first sapphire crystal appeared on the OysterQuartz in 1970 and the Submariner in 1981. THE CRYSTAL We’re clearly in the minority when it comes to the choice of crystal we use in our watches. You've either got thermoplastic, or you don't. I’d buy one! Acrylic or plastic crystals are cheap and replaceable, easily scratched, but easy to buff out. As soon as your payment arrives, the seller will ship your item. Plastic Crystal for Benrus Military Type 1/ Type 2 Watch Plexi . As pointed out by other forum member, because sapphire crystal it is so hard, it is also brittle and shatters more easily than mineral glass or plexiglass. Over time acrylic scratches. The Rolex Perpetual was the last watch to possess a sapphire crystal which was not until 1991. Plastic crystals are the most flexible of all the watch crystals, and therefore are used in a wide range of watches. I would like to negotiate a price with the seller. Unlike plexy, mineral and sapphire crystals can not be re-polished. As the very lens through which one views the dial and hands, the crystal is essential to this. Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 30.6 Diameter New Old Stock... Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 31.7 Diameter New Old Stock. It’s easier said than done. We will send you the payment information as soon as the seller has processed your order. Synthetic sapphire crystals are extremely hard, with diamond … But isn’t sapphire an upgrade? Share - 3 x Watch Crystal Plexi Glass. Then click on "Submit order.". Sapphire crystal and mineral crystal are the two most commonly used ones, while you can find also watches with plexiglass (or plastic, in other words). While many prefer sapphire, we’ve opted for old-school plexiglass (or acrylic, or hesalite). I still like sapphire, couldn’t you just offer the option? For watch lovers, a fresh scratch on an otherwise flawless crystal is a devastating sight. Sapphire only needs a plastic I-ring to hold it in place. 276,333 Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 22.45 Diameter New Old Stock, Glass/Crystal; Condition New; Location: Poland, Łańcut Simply contact us via the contact form within 14 days of receiving your watch. Proven quality, Sustainability & more than 85 years of experience characterize Röhm as the PLEXIGLAS® manufacturer. I want something with vintage looks, but with tougher, modern materials. It is commonly referred to by several names, including Plexiglass, Hesalite, and Acrylic. $37.00 + $8.00 Shipping. Seiko, Citizen, Tissot Watch Plexiglass Glass Crystals. Watch this item Unwatch. | Browse our daily deals for even more savings! Pros of Plexiglass Crystals: Easy to manufacture and manipulate to whatever shape desired Our selection of Seiko and Pulsar parts and crystals is unsurpassed. We have developed a professional watch glass replacement, we can completely replace it at a relatively small cost compared to other Jewellers.. ", "If you know the look of a big bubble on an old dive watch, that's what you get with hesalite (which is acrylic)...even box section sapphires that try to emulate that look, they don't quite achieve the same look. Cas-Ker plastic watch crystal assortments come in a convenient hinged-lid box which holds up to 200 crystals. Trusted for Over 100 Years. Modifying plastic watch crystals can take very little effort and can save you both time and money by allowing you to use a crystal that you own rather than purchasing a new crystal. 30-day returns. We’ve always thought that plexi gets a bad rap on its toughness, and this may have to do with how we view watches. 1 … $7.00 shipping. Quick view Choose Options. Individual crystals come in a protective envelope. Keep up with the latest trends and receive exclusive offers! The item you've selected wasn't added to your basket. Transfer payment to a secure escrow account. I got it from a basic seller on The Bay. But back then, they were used as tools, so the focus was different. While sapphire is harder, it’s also more brittle. Enter your price suggestion and shipping address so the seller can calculate shipping costs. C $19.87. "As my interest in watches expanded, I came back around to it and realized that, despite its occasional bad rap (stemming almost exclusively from a fear of scratches), it is far and away my favorite, if given the choice. Omega Listing: ฿588 Omega Watch Plexiglass Crystal 20.45 Diameter New Old Stock, Glass/Crystal; Condition New; Location: Poland, Łańcut Log in or register Search … Starting At $19.95. Not too sophisticated when trying to acquire straps and bracelets. Turns out it's just as good now as it was back then. Sign in for checkout Check out as guest . Rolex’s use of acrylic vs. sapphire is a good example of this. Replace your watch crystal many materials like Acrylic, Sapphire, Mineral, and Glass. One can trade in... For me, Chrono 24 it was not primarily a site where watches are sold, but a kind of exhibition o... Chrono24 Is an excellent site due to its wide variety of watches from around the globe. 3 x Watch Crystal Plexi Glass. To even come close to re-creating the bubble-like look of plexi, sapphire would need antireflective coating on both the inside and outside surfaces of the crystal, which would defeat the purpose of its scratch resistance. Unlike other crystals, these won’t shatter on impact, making it a durable option. Tim Mosso and Fed talk about Hesalite, Acrylic, or Plexiglas Crystals vs. Sapphire Crystals on Luxury Watches. Get the best deals on Acrylic Watch Crystals when you shop the largest online selection at But you’d sell more if you used sapphire! While many prefer sapphire, we’ve opted for old-school plexiglass (or acrylic, or hesalite). Enter your address and select the free Escrow Service to take advantage of Chrono24's Buyer Protection. Condition is "New with tags". $25.00. ... Omega Plexiglass Crystal PZ5128 135.015, 135.0015, 165.038, 165.0038.

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