solidworks dimensions not showing in drawing

Things I have checked:-Layers the dimensions and view are inserted on that are active and visible.-View sketch visibility is on. Getting just the right detailed drawing view of a model can take immense amounts of time. I think there's an option to show dimensions in a trimetric; it must be a drawing option, not a config option as I don't see it in the config options list. I tried going to the settings but they seemed normal. the dimension lines are not there and I am unable to click to start a new dimension. Hope this tip helps you save some time when organizing your SOLIDWORKS drawings. This happens because we hid the dimension in the feature level but now we are showing dimensions from the sketch level. Do a rebuild and the work disappears. More than they really should for products designed in 3D. ... 'Options', 'System Options', 'Performance' and enable "Use Software OpenGL". Dimensions not showing. However, this is time consuming and requires SOLIDWORKS and your computer to work that much harder whenever the file is being accessed. eDrawings Professional extends the functionality of eDrawings Viewer to include markup and measure, and the ability to publish eDrawings files as review-enabled. Remastered from SolidWorks Legion article entitled Color for non inserted dimensions.. SolidWorks has many default colors for different types of dimensions. ... Search 'Formatting Dimensions in Drawings' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. So what is eDrawings Professional? Tech Tip: When Hide/Show Annotations is active, you can toggle any shown dimensions and annotations to their hidden state as well. Posted by 7 months ago. Close. If this is not a possibility, many people find that eDrawings Professional will allow them to see the dimensions and measurements they are looking for. When you open a drawing and nothing is there but the dimensions, that can really make you throw blunt objects. It doesn’t show up. Make sure the Cosmetic Thread displays in drawing view. Essentially, it will only show the visible portion of the cosmetic thread. I have recently upgraded to SW2017 and when start a new sketch I cannot add dimensions. 24. Create a new drawing and a new view; it doesn't need a format and try to show the dimension there. On drawings, the two main types of dimensions are inserted (driving) and non inserted (driven).Inserted dimensions are called such because they are inserted from the model.Non inserted dimensions are created within the drawing itself. Find it in the feature manager and show it. However, please be aware that this can sometimes slightly decrease the performance of your software when working on the drawing. So, you stare real close at the computer screen. You can change a dimension to diameter, radius, or linear display. Radius and Diameter Displays. To show hidden lines, right-click the dimension or a visible line and select Show Dimension Lines or Show Extension Lines. Even when opening old models, there are no sketch dimensions showing. I recently started up my Solidworks and the dimensions are not showing. Archived. I know this would make the other views dimensions not show/show depending how this is toggled. This is where cosmetic threads are advantageous; they show the detail required within a drawing so that the relevant part is manufactured correctly whilst being quick, simple and not impacting your SOLIDWORKS Performance. So, I thought I found a way to show certain planes in my drawing. I do not have Instant 2D turned on, I have the latest Step 4: At this stage, if you click the parent Sketch for that feature, you will notice that all dimensions will show up including the hidden dimension. Make sure you do not double-click on the sketch or edit it. Except that it will show it while the drawing is open, but once I close it, it disappears and then I have to toggle the hide/show to get it to reappear. Sometimes a cosmetic thread can be shown in one drawing view, but not another. They can be placed without issue, moved as as any other day of making drawings. When you are done toggling the hide and show state of your dimensions and annotations, just hit the ESC (Escape) Key to exit the command.

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