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The Pineapple Spindrift Sparkling Water ($26 for 24) is the brand's newest flavor, and the one I was the most excited for. Product Reviews Editor's Pick Amazon Shopping Sparkling Water Drinks Water. The Spindrift Variety Pack captures the full range of our flavors. Spindrift is the first and only sparkling beverage made with only real, squeezed fruit, and we think it's the freshest and juiciest-tasting sparkling water on this list. It bridges the gap between sparkling water and soda when it comes to taste while maintaining that calorie- and sweetener-free formula that we look for. Target also carries these, and I think Trader Joe's has one or two flavors. It is trying to be a health minded company. Spindrift’s sparkling water is fruit-flavored and according to their website, it is the first brand to use real fruit juice (most use artificial flavors though they might use the word ‘natural’). A post shared by Spindrift Sparkling Water (@drinkspindrift) According to the Spindrift website, founder Bill Creelman "began making his own sparkling beverages to … Spindrift Drifter Pack Photo courtesy of Spindrift. A sparkling water from the brand that famously sources its water from the natural springs of Maine. Fun Fact #8 Spindrift’s flavors taste like the fruits it lists on the can, because it uses just enough real fruit juice to flavor the bubbles without it becoming actual juice. That’s because this company uses natural flavors created using real fruit grown in the USA. This gives it a slight fizz, that isn’t present in normal bottled drinking water. Spindrift ® is the first sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Depending on what you're craving, there is a flavor for everyone. Spindrift Sparkling Water: Cucumber: 5 Stars. Spindrift's marketing emphasizes that there is 5-8% real fruit juice in every can of its sparkling water, as opposed to the "natural flavors" used by competitors. Austin-based. Half and Half: 3 Stars. Spindrift is a company that offers sparkling drinks that are made with real fruit, making them one of the healthiest beverages on the market. We sipped all 42 flavors and, after a few pee breaks, we ranked ‘em. With sparkling water as an option, we get our daily intake of water and do it in a way that tastes delicious thanks to nice variety of flavors that are offered. 218 talking about this. Spindrift Sparkling Water is also non GMO, gluten free, Whole30 approved and the only sparkling water that has real squeezed fruit. Spindrift, if you don't know already, is a line of sparkling water flavored with fruit juice, and their packaging is sexy AF. Here are the 10 worst, and the 10 best ranked on a scale of 1 to 10, along with the first-taste reactions from MH staffers. The Drifter Pack includes all 11 flavors plus an extra Pineapple can for a total of 12 cans. amazon.com. The Best Spindrift Flavors, Ranked I Drink a Spindrift Every Day, and Here's How I'd Rank the Flavors. While Spindrift doesn’t make plain sparkling water, it does make some of the best naturally flavored sparkling water out there. 1 Spindrift Sparkling Water with Real Squeezed Fruit. Spindrift, which flavors its sparkling water with real squeezed fruit, launched in 2010. Available nationwide. Spindrift is a soda and seltzer company that was founded in 2010 by Bill Creelman. Spindrift Sparkling Water Keto Friendly Ratings. Cranberry Raspberry: 2 Stars. But the fact that there are still more flavors in the Spindrift arsenal means that even if one of these options doesn’t work for you, there should be something that does. This shows in the color of the drink. La Croix vs. Spindrift: Flavors. And while sometimes water can seem like a boring drink, with the help of companies like Spindrift, it doesn’t have to be. Each of these flavors was crisp and refreshing, without weird chemical flavors. At Spindrift, we make sparkling water with real, squeezed fruit. They have done out with natural flavorings in favor of a more labor intensive fresh juice. Spindrift Sparkling Water flavors have between 1-3g net carbohydrates per can from fruit juices resulting in varying keto friendly ratings. Spindrift Sparkling Water, 4 Flavor Variety Pack + The Spindrift Variety Pack captures the full range of our flavors. Sparkling water that contains true-to-fruit flavors and 0 calories, 0 sugar, and 0 sodium. A natural clean and crisp flavor every time. Spindrift Sparkling Water OK, so one on this list is not like the others, and it is Spindrift. There are tons of fruity flavors to fall for — from Strawberry to Blackberry — but we think this … Before opening a can, Spindrift recommends “spinning” the can upside down to ensure the real pulp is evenly distributed and not resting on the bottom – a solution the brand coined after removing natural flavors and introducing real fruit to the sparkling water category. Choose from the flavors below to see the full nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information. Spindrift: Sparkling Water with Personality July 13, 2017 No Comments Every few months beverage companies like Polar Seltzer and the ridiculously trendy, LaCroix come out with new flavors to match the season, that make everyone swoon. Since there’s 4 different flavors, you’ll have one for every occasion and person who comes your way. With Raspberry Lime, Grapefruit, Orange Mango, and Lemon, you’ll get a full range of flavor from light and crisp to tart and tangy. It is disappointing, since Spindrift is one of the only sparkling waters to have a cucumber flavor. Lime: 3 Stars. Each pack contains 5 cans of each flavor. Lemon: 3 Stars. I think there nothing wrong with adding real juice and a few calories to sparkling water. For folks that like stronger fruit flavors or maybe aren’t 100% sold on sparkling water, Bubly is the brand for you. The company presently offers six different flavors, all with different produce to give you the rounded benefits that your diet needs. Spindrift is heading into summer with a multi-million-dollar campaign that it hopes will help the nine-year-old sparkling water brand stand out in what has become an increasingly crowded category. Starbucks Spindrift Sparkling Water Nutrition Facts Starbucks Spindrift Sparkling Waters contain between 9-15 calories, depending on your choice of flavors. And now, Spindrift is giving us all something new to love. Spindrift prides itself on using traceable ingredients such as real squeezed fruit and sparkling water to create their delicious beverages. Spindrift founder and CEO Bill Creelman is on a mission to be as transparent as possible, taking the extra step to decode “natural flavors” on the label and list out what’s inside. ... La Croix is a heavy favorite in the sparkling water world, with some flavors that practically have cult followings. Previous investors in the sparkling beverage company include Prolog Ventures , … Most of the 10 available varieties contain just two ingredients—carbonated water and the relevant flavor of fruit juice (Lime Spindrift, for example, contains carbonated water and fresh lime juice). We’re going to have fun playing with Spindrift Sparkling Water in the next couple of months, so I can’t wait to show you what were doing, including giveaways, because I am so excited to have you try it! Spindrift is great. La Croix’s long time in the marketplace has given it plenty of years to develop a range of flavors. Spindrift is a sparkling water beverage that has real squeezed juice inside each of its 8 flavors (one being tea).

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