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In the afternoon, provide … You can also include it in the Emergency service area if you want too. Thanks. – Visit the Poles week (this is our winter theme for camp. As for a theme that can be done at home, I’m not sure exactly what your looking for. I may use a few of yours, if that’s okay with you. I am looking for a catchy name for my camp. 100 Pop Culture Themes. Check it out! Start Planning Your Best Summer … I’m in scouts, and I have a 3 day camp during easter, and I’m thinking of considering the theme about “girl power” for this year! S’More in a Mug – A sweet treat, a dessert that you don’t have to share with the little people that control your life, a single serve dessert. It would be for children too young to stay at home alone, and too old for daycare. This S’More cake is perfect! I am running a camp for 11-15 year old girls this year and would really appreciate any help! Yes, apparently that is my kids idea of a fun time. Alice in Wonderland. An awesome list of summer camps, thanks for the list. Play Black Magic and other “mind-reading” activities. I am having a terrible time coming up with a fun and catchy name! Thank you for the kind words. It was focused on imagination. I need some suggestions about some games and activities! If only half of these camps were around when I was a kid, man, the fun that could have been had! Hi, We still did our normal skits and songs. It doesn’t involve activities, crafts, meals or events. A theme we plan to do for 2014 is “Everyday Heroes.” We are a day camp and have many friends and parents that are EMS, Police, Fire and Military, and will be celebrating each of those areas with guest visitors, activities, games and contests. Great ideas and great website! I don’t know if you are at a resident or day camp, but either way it sounds as though it’s a general camp – not a specialty camp. Beaker Bonanza Racing. Help, I am running out of ideas. Welcome to the Summer Camp Programming Site. Do you have any of the themes developed into curriculums? This one kinda goes without saying right? There is a good bunch of summer camp WordPress themes out there, but honestly, only a few can offer something more than just great design solutions for featuring outdoor activities. I want my summercamp to be uniqur since many schools nearby are offering almost the same activites, which i don’t want to go for it. Any suggestions are appreciated! Great list! theme that can be used almost any time throughout the year. I wish I figure out someway to do a campfire at least. I hope to eventually get a few ideas for each theme. Nice, Renae. This is so helpful! Because of this, we compiled a list of ideas for themes! You have some great theme ideas that I plan to use this coming summer. Hey! I’ve done this with kids from five years to fifteen years and they all seemed to like it. I drew a 2’/3′ replica of max’s boat to hang on the wall and instead of his name on the side we wrote our program name. Thinking about the 1700’s 1800’s 1960’s 1980’s and future. You can learn how to make this super easy and cheap lantern for your camping theme on the blog HERE. It is called Sajai and their website is It simply teaches energy balance and educates the kids to think about their choices. It would be a … hi, We change our themes because we think that campers want something new when really it’s usually the staff that wants something new. Any help would be great! They can visit with Shakespeare, Plato, Mozart, Black Beard, King Leonidas, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, The Beatles, and for the 80’s maybe a movie character from Star Wars, Indian Jones or Bill and Ted. You might want to bookmark this page. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Child Care / Child Care Centers / Camps / Summer Camps / Summer Camps in Canton, MI. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to This summer we are “visiting” New York, Mars, Netherlands and Zimbabwe. Thanks for the information I have got from you. 50 Summer Camp Theme Meals. Check back in a couple of days for that post. Solar Oven – Make some s’mores outside in the sunshine without fire, or electricity. Skyping with schools or people who are in our destinations has been included in previous summer’s activities. But there might be a few you’re looking to replace and spice up with a new, novel theme. There are a wide range of activities you can do including international games, crafts, music, languages, ports, challenges, etc. Wacky Hat Wednesday would be an example. That’s great that you’re considering running a summer camp. Disney. Hope it helps. Would love any ideas!!!!! Well, for crafts you can do an origami wolf head, a paper plate wolf, a paper bag wolf puppet – check on Pinterest for more ideas. I love your 100 ideas for summer camp but only some are highlighted and decribed in more detail. You can find instructions to that game at The craft we did took a few days. Each week, youth artists will experience a different theme. Urban Adventures are activities done in a city as opposed to in a rural area. Please visit our website for more details about kriyativekidz summer camp curriculum. We will run water events every day and have our own professor corner. You should also think about going to the ACA message boards and posting your situation and needs. We have tried our best to come up with cool ideas that would help you choose a catchy and creative name. It was designed as an afterschool program to be done over several weeks but we have had no problem abbreviating the cirriculum for our one-week day camp. @Shellie – Thanks for the comment. 2020 Ultimate List of Secular Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschool Resources – What We’ve Used and Use. Here are some of the themes we have running now….they may spark some more ideas for you: – Jelly week (imagine the possibilities!) Preschool Camping Theme Camping Theme Crafts Camping Ideas Summer Activities For Preschoolers Camping Centers and Activities - Pocket of Preschool Everyone loves a camping theme. and the environment as a whole that campers (and staff) remember. They can have a Firefighter visit camp. For example, I’ll rename Dodgeball, Star Wars. I don’t know what kind of resources you have available, but she did a fingerprinting section as well as testing for ph levels. I’m doing “Places around the World” this summer in our camp and I’m having a hard time coming up with ideas for China and Russia week.. Any ideas?? This year I plan to do a Muppets week, with Animal (music day), Miss Piggy (messy day), Bunsen and Beaker (science day), Swedish Chef (cooking day), and of course Kermit (field trip to the local marshlands). The S’more the merrier campfire by The Land of Nod 6. Thanks in advance! Learn how your comment data is processed. We tend to use it towards the end of the school year, or for a super fun summer camp … In a future post I will write up some of my favorite skits and songs. Thanks in advance. Around the World in 80 Days Theme Upgrade, How to Run an Olympics Theme or Event at Your Camp, Harry Potter Camp Ideas – Part 1 (First Day),,,,,, How to Create a Low Cost Escape Room: For Camps, Youth Groups and Community Centers. Theme of the Week – Shipwrecked. Jul 3, 2020 - Explore Tara Werbowy's board "Summer camp - camping", followed by 121 people on Pinterest. I have found some great theme ideas, including ideas for decorations, food, games and activities at We have just updated and decided on our new themes for our camp in RSA. Its a new thing here in our place but I want to start fr.m scratch. Suz: I think you could also tie in what you want to do with an Olympics theme or the Party in the USA theme. Thanks Diane. It was the mystery of it all. Thanks! Food, activities, art projects and programs all centered around the theme. When is National Pepperoni Pizza Day? You can find all kinds of neat “holidays” in Chase’s Calendar of Events book. Thanks!!! thanks for replying. Your list gave me some great ideas. Write Silly Campfire Songs – Write silly songs, whether on paper or sitting around a campfire – real, paper, or these amazing campfire cookies. We are going to do this in summer (Philippine summer, very hot) and our venue would be a sports complex. Camp Rewind. How would i go about getting the curriculum published and sold? Any good ideas/suggestions for that? Art And Craft : Children always require fun activities to do. Thank you for the comment. I want to stray away from the regular “Be yourself” or “Reach for your goals” and really want to make it interesting? I love your lists, they are a great help! I love all the themes and ideas on this site! SevenHills by Ancora Themes (Themeforest) SevenHills has a clean and friendly style. You can do that anywhere. I plan on making a list of 100 more camp themes. S’More Snack Mix – Mix together 1 cup of golden grahams cereal, 1 cup of mini marshmallows, 1 cup chocolate chips into a mixing bowl. For crafts they can make Popsicle stick houses… their only requirements are to make Fire exits (windows & doors). Anything you can help with is really appreciated!!!! What tricks are you planning on teaching? It makes the kids feel special. Potions Class. (Music Art and Drama) or even just a Theatre unit. I am trying to plan for a FANTASY DAY theme right now, if you have any ideas for activities that would be so helpful . She Blinded Me With Science and for many of our weeks we pick a random country and bring in traditional foods, dances, music etc. I was wondering if you have any ideas for me on how to get this started. Then they mixed and shared with each other to make their ultamite “wild thing.” They would then make it out of salt dough (cheap and easy to make) and after baking them the kids painted and eventually took them home. I live in Alabama so I will have to find out the laws and such on that. In fact, I think camps do a disservice if they don’t keep the popular themes. Fun themes stick in campers’ minders and help build camp’s community spirit. Knights, princesses, fairies, dragons, vampires.. the list goes on and on! Marshmallow Fight – Have a marshmallow fight! Campers should pack a few things related to the theme that they can use throughout the week, or come … theme that can be used almost any time throughout the year. I love them because not only are they fun for imaginary play, but alot of times camping … I am interested in any education curriculum mostly for math, reading and science grades k-6 that can be used over the summer in summer camps.Do you have any suggestions. Hawaiin. Therefore, to keep them preoccupied and … I can’t wait to start planning. They are bored with the same theme that’s been done year after year. why don’t you do something about this? I would also like to point out that I also got a couple other ideas on themes for me and my friends. That should get you started. Decide on the ages you want to accept as well. Regardless, thanks for the list, very thoughtful. I am new to the show and have only seen a couple of episodes. … They can throw them or get a marshmallow shooter. Haha… maybe for Safety they can play with fake blood (the corn syrup Hollywood type) and have relay races/obstacle courses where one person has to to overcome obstacles to get to the injured person and bandage him/her up, then tie ankles together and bring the injured person back to the line. You can learn how to make this super easy and cheap lantern for your camping theme on the blog HERE. Hi Ranjani, thanks for visiting. The mom had asked me if we wanted to participate in a mom-run home summer camp and I couldn’t say yes fast enough! We have a prize wheel and we use it a lot. But I still wanted to add it here. this time want to try something different. The kids got strips of paper where they would draw different heads, feet, and torsos. Is there any way you could recommend some games or activities to go along with this theme? Many camps have themed days or if it is sleep away you get to deck out your cabin. So I’ll make tomorrows Theme of the Day – Pirates. Suggestion to Suz re Camp name: Standin’ Up, or Standin’ for Something. I also love Kelly’s suggestions. Hi, found you while doing research. Have honey and peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. There are all sorts of ways to make a fun classroom door for your camping theme. Make sure you subscribe to the site to get updates on that. SevenHills by Ancora Themes (Themeforest) If you’ve got lots of media from your camp, you’ll love … Making the race a … Click here to go to the ACA page that talks about starting a camp. I have no summer camp experience (as a kid or mom) but would love to offer something like this in conjunction with the equipment. I agree, curriculum for the different themes would be great, but that would be a lot of work and something that I would love to do in the future as a series of e-books, or e-reports. The same goes for field trips. I’ve been planning on throwing out a little fun outdoor birthday party for my kid and I’ve been stump on a theme to go on. Find camping theme storybooks, camping theme crafts, snacks and more activities perfect for your summer school speech and language. And finally, for special events set up a really good treasure hunt, or maybe, if you’re ambitious enough, set up an Outback Amazing Race at your camp. I am hosting a 1 day science-type event. But after so many years I feel like we have done all these themes you have suggested and have taken our kids to every place in our area possible. Many camps have themed days or if it is sleep away you get to deck out your cabin. Hey! Summer Camps near Canton Summer Camps in Ann Arbor, MI; Summer Camps in Detroit, MI; Summer Camps … We are definitely going to be camping in our backyard again this year. Each week has a different theme, from Star Wars to Carnival and Capture the Flag. They always seem to come up with some neat ideas. Windham 4H camp has 8 weeks of outdoor summer camp fun. Making the race a … Please place a request specifically there to get the sample manual and other details. Thank you. for Jezzy, I did china for international day a couple of years ago, i don’t know what food restrictions you may have at your camp, but i made chinese almond cookies for a snack, but i couldn’t find the game i played. I’m not sure about the MAD acronym though. You’ll need to plan a full or half day’s worth of activities along with the play-time on the equipment you already have.

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