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Using this simple method, you can make your own sticky rice in an electric rice cooker. With a 2-8 cup cooked rice capacity, you can cook a small side dish or enough for the whole family. Features, 2-in-1 Rice Rinser/Steam Basket A versatile basket lets you rinse rice before cooking and steam food to perfection. Sticky rice is a perfect addition to Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, but it can be really difficult to make well at home. Then, add the rice to the rice cooker and pour 1 cup of water over the rice. Plump and short. In this method, you use 1 cup of sticky rice and 2/3 cup of tap water for the ratio. If you’re patient, your rice cooker can accommodate all sorts of different varieties of rice, as well as other grains and pseudograins like quinoa. Not only that but the only way I knew how to cook Thai sticky rice until a few weeks ago, was by using a bamboo steamer and the method my grandma taught me. If you want to season the rice, add salt, pepper or other seasonings before starting the cooker. Thai Food and Travel breaks down sticky rice science: "If steamed or boiled the same way as regular rice, the grains will break down and become soft and mushy in consistency. You'd want to put the water in the metal pot below and the rice in the bamboo basket above. Use sticky rice to make a layer cake dessert or the classic Thai favorite, mango rice. Steaming sticky rice. After kicking-off this series with how to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker, today we shift our focus to sticky rice. Everything goes into the rice cooker all at once without a lot of fuss or spills. Just pre-soak the sticky rice at least 4 hours and cook in the conical- shaped basket placed over boiling water. Traditionally Thais do not cook sticky rice in a microwave – heck most Thais do not even have a microwave at home. The bamboo weave basket is a durable, more natural alternative to a rice cooker! Use soaked sticky rice to make a delicious. Do not remove the rice from the cooker. You will need: 2 cups of rice; Water; 1/2 tsp salt; Steps: Take out the rice cooker’s inner pot and place on a level surface. To serve, mold 1/4 servings of sticky rice on dessert plates. Although it doesn’t taste sweet, it’s also called sweet rice because it’s often used to make sweet dishes in Asia. Just so you know, many Thai restaurants and food stalls use rice cookers for sticky rice rather than a steamer basket. To freeze sticky rice, transfer portions to airtight containers or zip-close freezer bags. I have a different model rice cooker but I use it for Thai sticky rice all the time with great results. My Chinese sticky rice, or “lo mai fan”, is loaded with tasty ingredients like Chinese sausage, Chinese mushrooms, ground pork, and shrimp, all cooked up in a delicious, yet mild sauce. When the cycle is done open the lid and stir in sugar. Sticky rice is a perfect addition to Japanese, Chinese, and Thai cuisine, but it can be really difficult to make well at home. Sticky rice, also known as Japanese rice, becomes sticky when it is cooked, and is used frequently in Japanese cuisine--particularly sushi. Fill the rice cooker pot with 2 cups of sweet rice (sticky rice grain) and start washing them with your hand. "Welcome to Thai Sticky Rice, Valrico, FL. This set includes a sticky rice bamboo basket and aluminum cooker pot for a more traditional way to steam sticky rice. Rice; The secret to making sticky rice in a rice cooker - Molly Harris. Sticky Rice Steamer Set 24" by Diamond Thai sticky rice makes an excellent basis for your next Thai dinner. We used this one to cook sticky rice for 4-5 people easily. Are you looking for Thai food in Longmont? A couple of notes about Thai glutinous rice: Here at to Sticky Rice Thai, you will experience the liveliness and excitement of our exhibition kitchen. I first was introduced to Sticky Rice thanks to the famous Thai dish called as "Sticky Rice with Mango" and have fallen in love with it since. Mango sticky rice (khao neow mamuang / ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง) is an amazing and authentic Thai dessert. When it comes to black rice specifically, there are a few things to keep in mind: Traditionally, Thai/Lao sticky rice is steamed in a cone-shaped woven bamboo basket (to achieve the soft-yet-chewy rice that they eat with their hand, the rice is not cooked in water but with steam), which is used together with a funny-looking aluminum pot, or an aluminum (sometimes stainless steel) multi-tiered/stackable steamer. The moniker "sticky" is fitting, as the cooked rice can be pinched off in clumps that hold together firmly. Come to A Thai Sticky Rice where we serve Fresh Spring Rolls, Tom Yum Soup, Panang Curry, and more. I would like to try and recreate the sticky rice (aka glutinous rice or sweet rice) as I often find served in a kratip at my local USA Thai restaurant. Allow the rice to rest for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Instead, Thai people like to cook it in such a way that the rice grains remain whole and have a firm, chewy texture. The opaque white rice is usually marketed as Thai sweet or glutinous rice in the United States. Order online for … While many choose to … Rice Cooker (3 cup), Product of China. Make sure to leave the lid on the cooker when the rice is resting. Calrose rice is the absolute best kind of rice to make sticky rice with, but technically speaking any rice can be made into a sticky rice. Accessories Included. Use these step-by-step instructions for the stovetop (no special equipment required) or Instant Pot to make sticky rice that will easily roll into balls. Thai sticky rice (which you'll find in Asian markets, labeled "sweet" or "glutinous" rice) is completely unlike other rice--its grains become semitranslucent when cooked, and the texture is pleasantly chewy. Cover with any pot lid … Online ordering menu for A Thai Sticky Rice. Your rice cooker doesn't even need a sticky rice setting. Sit the tight-fitting steamer on top, then bring to a simmer. Sticky rice, also glutinous rice, is a variety of short grain rice. , I've been admiring your lovely creations and this is the first time I'm posting a comment in your blog. Look for a Thai brand, such as Three Horses or Rose. Easy as 1-2-3. Let the rice soften in the cooker for an hour if possible, and then cook the rice for 25 minutes in the rice cooker. It lets you cook the grain with the measured amount of water. As a rule of thumb the whiter the rice and the shorter the grain the better it will be at producing a sticky rice. When the rice cooker turns into automatic keep warm, let it rest for 15 minutes; Turn off the rice cooker and remove the lid, fluff the rice with spatula and let it rest; Serve! How to Cook Sticky Rice in a Rice Cooker – Cuckoo CR-0631F. Absorption Method. Using the measuring cup that goes with the Cuckoo CR-0631F rice cooker, measure 2 cups of sticky rice and pour into the rice cooker’s inner pot. One full cup (8 oz) rice and enough water to reach the brown rice mark. Cover the rice with some sort of lid and let it … The Thai tend to use a special steamer for making this rice. When it looks clean enough, let it rest for at least 40 minutes to 4 hour with water. Making Sticky Rice in a Rice Cooker is so simple it’s amazing. Thankfully, preparing black rice in the rice cooker is easy. This dessert is also popular in other South East Asia countries, including my hometown, Malaysia. Move your hand upside down while washing and keep changing the water over 3 times. While many choose to cook rice on the stovetop, there is one secret to making sticky rice in a rice cooker. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to your home to great tasting Thai dishes. For a traditional way to serve sticky rice, look no further than this Thai woven basket (Amazon) that is an authentic way to serve your meal! Yes and no. Add some Thai glutinous rice to the mix and you have a bowl of perfection. Cook 2 cups of sweet rice with 2 cups of coconut milk in the rice cooker using the White Rice function. A good sized sticky rice cooker (Yes, sticky rice, not the regular Jasmine rice normally served in restaurants). Mading your life easier, the electric rice cooker (110 V) can cook rice and also comes with steamer accessory which is suitable for steaming vegetables, fish and meat. Fill a large pan with a 3cm depth of water. Step 05: Let the Rice to Rest for at Least 10 Minutes. It may seem complicated to make, but it’s actually not. It is typical street food in Thailand, especially during summer, when mango is in season. How to cook sticky rice. At a first glance this rice looks very similar to Italian Arborio rice. "The culinary site also recommends sticking to Thai brands, like Three Horses or Rose, when possible to make sure you're getting the most authentic sticky rice. This is what you call the absorption method which is the most common way of rice cooking. After setting the timer, turn the rice cooker on. With our imported rice steamer cooking is a breeze. Find us on 3rd Avenue near the City of Longmont Public Library and Thompson Park. I already have a rice cooker - the Hamilton Beach Digital Simplicity Rice Cooker and Food Steamer (on Amazon).I've cooked quite a few different long grain white rices and also brown rice, but have not yet tried sticky rice. However, it can be served with a variety of different dishes. Sticky rice is not the same as regular rice, so you have to know what to look for at the grocery store. Feed A Crowd, Holds 2–8 cups of cooked rice or 1–4 cups of uncooked rice. The water and rice ratio is really important when using a pressure cooker to make sticky rice, especially if you decide to use a bowl to hold liquid and then allow it to sit in water. Once this is done turn off the rice cooker. Compact Design. Pour the desired amount of sticky rice into the rice cooker. We serve only the freshest and finest ingredients. Put the rice in the steamer and cook, covered, for 35-45 mins or until sticky and tender. Rice cooker can be used for cook rice and also other steamed food. In the context of Thai cooking, “sticky rice” refers to long grain glutinous rice that is consumed most commonly in the north and northeastern parts of the country. According to Food52, most sticky rice in the U.S. is labelled as "glutinous rice" or "Thai sweet rice. Have used it in quite a few recipes. Line a steamer basket with non-stick parchment (this stops the rice sticking to the metal). Note: Mix in the sugar while the rice is hot so that the sugar will properly melt. Thai-style sticky rice is the perfect side dish for grilled meats, spicy Thai salads, or your other favorite Thai dishes.

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