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Dalton Different April 13, 2020 22:16; Edited; Notice : We understand there is currently a known issue with USPS API responses. Collect On Delivery Hold For Pickup 9303 3000 0000 0000 0000 00. @AnjillofLight_ Are they going to burn down the USPS in Bethpage NY where the whistle blower said he transported hundreds of thousands of ballots across state lines into Pennsylvania? EasyPost Objects. Is the UPS API down? Even eBay all representatives are aware. Your driver stole a broken $1000 GPU, To all my customers orders have been shipped USPS is just trash rn so i cant move things faster than what they are but i do apologize for the delay but we still knocking orders out and still shipping. – Matt Aug 18 '13 at 3:04. @USPSHelp @USPS The EasyPost API consists of many object types. Hey um, hi everyone! YOU HAVE FAILED USPS!! Trump won 60:40 at the polls and lost 15:85 on VBM. @dorisjac20 @hartluck I haven’t had many issues with FedEx or UPS, but when I have, holy crap were they bad. Pay no mind. USPS won't load? Lost in the millions of others due to your horrible leadership. The site offers track and trace of shipments and a webshop, amongst others. Can @CNN or any other news networks do some investigated work on this issue? They lost a roommates package. Need to take the managers and stall out back and instruct them on work ethics. This blog does a quick rundown of how the flaw could be exploited, where exactly it is located, and most importantly, how can you protect your organization from similar API flaws. While I am aware of the issues you mention, there are issues of that show the system USPS uses is poor and there are plenty of instances of just incompetence. Completely unacceptable. Lame #uspsstinks #USPSruinschristmas. If is down for us too there is nothing you can do except waiting. I realize that, but the source of the data that that system uses is called from the MWS API - so I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to associate problems with the former being caused by the Amazon-acknowledged problems with the latter. It said it was delivered to the post office. I opened up a case on 12/24. Real-time Rates: Tick this checkbox to access USPS real-time rates. I suggest everyone else do the same. Share this post. Even when you have a Tracking Number. @USPS Zero customer service. I’ve read anecdotes of packages caught in a slowed-down USPS for up to 8 weeks. @dhpdesign My mail carrier is cool though. Send De-Joy the bill! Is this USPS delay affecting amazon packages ??? SMH! Even eBay all representatives are aware. @Shayarm @TheCrazySaguaro On 12/26 I received a call from them that "somebody will call" me. jwolthuis. What did I get as a result of this good act? I opened up a case on 12/24. @cgseller @USPS @USPSHelp Been experiencing the same issue for about 2 hours. The mail issues with @USPS are affecting more than just holiday packages. @kari_izumi @Shmuli @travis_robert Something I didn’t appreciate before the sabotage efforts: the post office is a gov service, and it’s in the Constitution. ? Our Partners. @Scott06678532 Hi Scott it looks like your posters shipped out on 12/18 but unfortunately your tracking info hasn't been updated. @takathekitty Anybody else having delivery issue w/ usps ?!? Waiting on several things that were ordered back in November. Had problems with only a couple of tens of thousands of deliveries. They Still Are NO Help. I don’t want to call and wait on hold forever. Re: USPS Server down?, Via We’re only on the internet. Reply. ☹️ USPS was much faster for me! whoisgregg. but my warranty case was not updated (still says waiting on your product) but USPS says it was delivered on 23rd and no updates yet. They have branches everywhere and banking would give the usps access to lots of funds to finance their services. @Shmuli @travis_robert I call bull. The USPS was working just fine, even with its manageable flaws, until trump installed DeJoy to deliberately cause chaos inside the inner workings of it. @BangtanLove86 I haven’t received anything from USPS since November 28. 9:41 pm on Dec 8, 2008 (gmt 0) Senior Member from US . "Oh" I forgot...USPS has no work ethics. The Informed Delivery® application allows you to interact with your incoming mail and packages in one convenient location. But, DeJoy doing what he was sent there to do. Is USPS shipping module down Our Partners. The USPS is infinitely superior in this regard. Workers r demoralized. @greatlakesgirl API Documentation Blog Learning Center International Shipping Guides. Problem solved, I guess... @crustyruffles I've been having similar issues with a shipment from the beginning of the month. @MrTope @greg_houck @LABeachGal1 @USPS I'm withholding payment on my credit card. Trump’s plant did a great job of screwing up the USPS. When we lived in a rural area, USPS was definitely better. How about a subscription mail service that has guarantees and metrics involved? The USPS API is an address validation API provided by the United States Postal Service. No package yet. @6230min @USPS I've been having mailing issues too. @JacquiVotesBlue Lost in the millions of others due to your horrible leadership.

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