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War Thunder . The CNC machine had trouble cutting through the pure bias of the T-34-85. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... Just get a t34 yourself and start clubbing all your opponents, getting 10-0 kills over funny distances and spam "russian bias" in chat for salty enemy deaths. There are fourteen different T-34 variants in War Thunder, from the most conventional of models to experimental vehicles or tanks that only saw limited production. It was introduced in Update 1.49 (1.70.1945) "Weapons of Victory".An up-armoured version of the T-34 (1941) tank, the T-34E STZ utilizes much improved frontal hull armour in comparison to the standard T-34 tank.. It is also interesting that you are hard pressed to find any pictures of US or UK made tanks or planes in Soviet Service. Crossout . Thus, the Tiger driver is forced on the mostly small, chaotic battlefields with frequent close-quarter fights of the game to achieve far more kills without being knocked-out by a single shot (the so-called ‘one-shotting’). T-44's always get hit in the turret cheek. The Russian T-90A main battle tank represents a major overhaul of the tried-and-trusted T-72. He simply can remain on his luck because of the somewhat unrealistic bouncing physics of shells – or in the case of a penetration that not much damage happens on his tank. Most tanks can one-shot a T-34 from the front. I have seen alot of people complaining about russia needing to be nerfed. Similarly, if he should be unlucky times yet, he can easily get back into battle with another vehicle or plane because of the low points which his tank costs. You cannot trust the Stalin era production statistics. The T-34–85 is incre This produced the T34, which mounted a 120 mm gun Depends on the BR. Factory directors learned the lesson well. The T29 is perhaps one of the most formid… The War Thunder Team. The course is almost always the same, whether against Tiger, Panther, Sherman or Churchill tanks. The T-34/76's are really forgiving, so they're good for beginners. And of those, the original T34's around 3.7 and the T-34-85's would seem to be the most OP in my experience. The T-34-57 & the 1943 variant have a great gun but a 3.7 hull and turret. The allied aid was in large part all that helped the Soviets hold the line after the devastating losses in the first two years. There are also only bots for your first couple matches and they are really really bad, they drive into buildings, miss their shots and shoot at angles that are 100% ricochets. So which ever way you want to look at it, their great offensives never would have happened without western aid and they never would have recaptured their lost territory. And as others have said, just aim for the turret cheeks (like damn near every other tank) and you are good. By I-Ginido-I@psn, June 12, 2019 in Medium Vehicles. The T-34 (1940) is a Rank II Soviet medium tank with a battle rating of 3.3 (AB/RB) and 2.7 (SB). Jul 21 @ 9:23am. You could make (for example) T34's bounce everything under 100 mm and as long as their BR was moved up to compensate (to 7.0 or 7.7 say) then in theory the game would still be balanced. The following video (Replay video of a Realistic Battle) shows the strength and fighting power of the T-34 in War Thunder. Depends on the BR. Anyone who questions it is attacked on forums by fanboys or banned by staff. The Germans lost the war due to logistics in large part due to production from the West. T-34 1940 T-34 1941 T-34 1942 T-34E T-34E STZ T-34 (Germany) So BR's are supposed to level up, be really interesting to see the actual stats from Gaijin; I may well be wrong but based on the performance of the tanks as I've played them I'd be pretty surprised if the T34's in particular didn't stand-out as successful at their respective BR's. There is a combination: T 34 are easy to "get" (it is the most basic brawl tank) and people are dumb enough not to move their brain cells to think how to counter it. At 10.0 the Leo2A5 is undoubtedly the best. Nevertheless, 44,900 T-34 (82% of total production) were lost during WW2. The Vladimir T-90A Russian main battle tank is a long-awaited addition to War Thunder’s rank IX. T34 line vs Sherman line. Only a fool would invest money in it’s game play. ... not germans or Russians. Your notion of ballistics is crap. Up to the T34-85 they are pretty good but far away from OP. Was not expecting that kind of accuracy. Point of fact is they may have won the war but never fully recovered and that fact played into the collapse of the USSR in the 1990s. The sherman beats the T-34 at reload rate.Plus in the next patch all of the T-34 models will get penned by everything that has a gun 75mm up. So there is a flood of war thunder fan boys foaming at the mouth that will start trolling to get your thread closed anytime you point out that issues are not being addressed. Stalin gave a speech about grain production and said the nation’s production would increase to 72 million tons. the last vid of the decade from this channel. Plus, I'm not one to whine about russian bias and I think it's greatly exaggerated but I'd love to see you do a youtube series where you try to grind US 5.0 and up :) Good luck with the game. This is because the game doesn't strictly strive for historical accuracy but for "balanced" tank battles; some tanks were better designed and made and have advantages. when ever we get 1 decent tank war thunder shows how to destroy it. T-34-85 was prob my favorite all around T34, and it's a fun tank to play, but it never felt invincible nor like the gun was OP to me - it just felt like a pretty good all around tank. IS-6s which bounce 200mm pen ammo with their turret sides, Bobjects 279 getting there at the same time as light tanks. Unleash the Russian Bias!Apologies for the fps issues on this one. Given that the T-34 prototype nowadays is a rare tank, it is an unlikely opponent to be found on the current War Thunder battlefield. Russian bias in War Thunder on the example of the T-34-85. Desarrollado por Gaijin Entertainment, War Thunder es un videojuego multijugador masivo en línea gratuito. Later, I have learned programming and the development of computer games, and finally with the Internet, also web design. Should be 5.7 as it is an effective counter against the Tiger H1. Gee too bad they didn’t have your genius back in the 1940’s. Fucking scrubs just need to learn to aim for turret and it's good as dead, At this point downtiering them down or at least giving the old faster reload won't really fuck up balance that much. The T-34 mod. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. By comparison, the Tiger I (commissioning in late 1942) and Panther D (early 1943) is located on the higher BR 5.7, although both tanks are about one year older models. What is this? They have, according to the numbers in game, effectively identical performance on penetration yet in testing against a Carnaervon, the 100 mm penetrated 80% of the time and the 88 only 20%. I have a significantly higher K/D ratio with the T-34-STZ and T-34E because, while the 57mm gun will penetrate more often, it … The T-34 is a legendary Soviet medium tank… or, rather, a whole family of tanks. You regularly need 2 shots instead of one now, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. It served throughout World War II and is the most produced World War II tank design at a total of roughly 65,000 units. Early T34's are the most trolly tanks in War Thunder. My experiments in Custom battle settings seem to indicate to me that the 85 mm shells over perform; they appear to bounce less often and have an abnormal capacity to normalize to a surface to penetrate. They are known for their powerful guns, excellent mobility and, in many cases, decent armour as well. Longer, heavier gun with higher center of gravity is why. Machinery of War Discussion ; Ground Forces Discussion ; Soviet Union ; Medium Vehicles ; Why is the T34 85 a 5.7? I thought I was going to roflstomp. On the other hand, the player of a T-34-85 can unabashedly push forward and often capture CAP’s because of his high speed. Otherwise the T-34 simply factors into the meta well. The M-4A3E8 Sherman seemed to make easy meat out of the T-34/85 in Korea. The STZ variant is like a training tank for where exactly the weak points on a T-34 are. The T-34s fit the meta of the game perfectly at times. I'm new to War Thunder and have been hearing "Russian bias" and "German bias" being thrown around but don't really understand their meaning. Sign in to follow this . Flank. In the case it is found, defeat it in the same manner as any other T-34 tanks. If you want to find weakspots on a tank unlock it and play it yourself. It has sloped armor which increases chance to bounce, shells filled with large amounts of explosive fit in with the APHE meta, most of the maps have capture points in urban or confined areas which help the T-34 as it an excellent brawler, good mobility is an added bonus, etc. It exists (not talking about the conspiracy theory behind it, but the fact that they can be very powerful under the right circumstance), but its nothing game-breaking or that skill can't overcome. The T29 was introduced in the Update 1.59 "Flaming Arrows" as a gift vehicle and was available on the Gaijin store for pre-order before the update. They get a horsepower upgrade from the 76's (which is historical) and can move around the map faster than Tigers and Panthers, which makes Wehraboos cry. It was the most famous tank in the World War II. Someone else also tested the 100 mm versus the 88. War Thunder: Starfighters teaser 26 May 2020 Join us More than 20,000,000 gamers TWITTER More than 70,000 followers FACEBOOK More than 600,000 members INSTAGRAM Join the community! but in the P40 even taking hits from a H39 is an achievment worthy of 5k GE XD . After the "new" addition of china to the game, and after almost everyone asking for a T-34 video, here it is. Their shells are very powerful, their armour is well-sloped and generally hard to crack. The heavy tank concept didn't end with the war and a final attempt was made to remake the T29 into a more modern, lethal weapon system. Then why, you ask, would I not be surprised that it bounced off a T34? If a 40mm anti aircraft gun has enough pen to kill a tiger, then it will. This is a subreddit for War Thunder, a cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. I will say that the T-34-76 models are still arguably over performing in reload speed slightly, basically the current reload speed would be that found on a firing range with the shells being loaded from the ready rack with the loader loading shells as fast as he could. I'm still working through the USSR Tier V. When I was playing US, I never found any of the T34s to be hard enough to beat to justify the amount of complaining about them. everytime i play war thunder i use german tanks usually the Tiger h1 or the tiger e and everytime i shoot my rounds normally ricochet off say a t 34 85 then when a russian tank shoots me i instantly die because the game was made by russian devs it led me to belive it is therefore bias i would like to hear any thoughts who agree or disagree < > The T29 is a formidable heavy tank that introduces the 105 mm T5 cannon in a rotating turret rather than in the fixed case-mate setting on the T95, with a tougher-than-average gun mantlet, and a sloped, but slightly thin hull. Post World War Effect. A formidable heavy tank with thick armour and a heavy gun, the T34 presents a radically new tank design than any of its predecessors. The modeling of the vehicles bears no resemblance to fact. 19 July 2018. Long story short I died 3 times to T-34's one shotting me. Also, its not listed but as for the pic of the M10 Achilles bouncing on the T-34's hull, that's because it was a T-34STZ at a slight incline. ... You sound like the players who claim bias because the tank tutorial shows how to kill a German tank. My name is Norman 'Kretaner' and since my childhood I am interested in history and strategy games. Further production was cancelled in the post-war demilitarization. NEW PART - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPWbEYmUxMk First part - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm5Y6Vwu6b8&t Music: 1. I’m also coming from a military background, and it is a well known fact that Russian materials capabilities are over overwhelmingly exaggerated, not only under Stalling, but also even nowadays: exaggerated characteristics, poor performance, deplorable quality, but they are still playing the tough guys…, (TAKE THIS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT BECAUSE DATA-MINERS DONT SHARE SOURCES SO I CAN’T VERIFY ANY OF IT), Ya so there have been data-mining operation about war thunder sense it found its hole in the wall as the only (big) game using a realistic damage system, and they have found that all tanks that have the USSR class in their code (sorry if I’m using the wrong term I only have web development under my belt I’m still learning) get 2 chances on their chances of getting penetrated ex. The heavy tank concept didn't die with the end of hostility and a final attempt was made to remake the T29 into a more modern, lethal weapon system. The lesson was you report what the quota was set at, not the real numbers. 1940, like all the other T-34s, is fairly quick and manoeuvrable, decently a… You have to understand that the T-34 is a well-known Russian tank from WW2. The T-34/85's are generally pretty average in everything except mobility. Battle Thunder is optimized to make money. The armour values of the vehicles in game are all correct (except for the highest BR tanks because they have limited information given to the public) I don't think their tactical organization was ever as good as the German's for example, but I'm not sure how one models that. Russian tanks have certain advantages that are very friendly to newer players. When I was playing USSR, I found none of them to be magical. The Agriculture Ministry reported that growth had stagnated and only produced 62 million tons the same as the year before. Followers 9. :) All answers (1) RogueStarflyer. you clearly don’t have any idea about armour. Combine this with the way the maps are designed, placement of spawns, placement of capture points and you have a recipe for pissed off players. The game is based around combined arms battles on air, land, and sea with vehicles from the Spanish Civil War to today. ... You sound like the players who claim bias because the tank tutorial shows how to kill a German tank. On average – despite an average numerical superiority on the battlefield of 3:1 – a Russian tank had a kill ratio of just about 1:3 to achieve, which corresponds to a fighting power of just 11% (see figure Russian vs German tanks in WWII). Bias because the various decisions that decide how well a tank performs just happen to particularly favour Soviet tanks. The bounce gets a big boost at 60 degree slope and the RNG bounce really works in favour of the T34; it can bounce ANYTHING and yet suffer zero damage doing so. It was introduced in Update 1.67 "Assault". It would be interesting to see the actual success rates in battles, I would bet that the T34's are top performers by a significant margin at each BR they appear from 3.7 to 5.3; the 100 mm might be less positive because it faces tough opposition and the BR's get compressed at the higher levels. Additional to that, the extremely low BR-classification of 5.3 as medium tank, whereby the T-34-85 only costs 280 points compared to 450 points of the heavy tank Tiger I ! Soviet BIAS Why is there soviet bias, despite all the pressure from the community? Required fields are marked *. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I developed software for a living, and software models can do whatever you want them to do. Although the Russian developer of War Thunder always denies repeatedly: the bias is real and unmistakable. The T-34E STZ is a rank II Soviet medium tank with a battle rating of 4.0 (AB/RB) and 3.7 (SB). They've put more tanks in the game that can deal with them, namely UK tanks with their high penetration. Then again, spalling, cramped crew cabin,the unreliability and poor quality of russian tanks/ammo isn't modeled in game. Bias or not, the T-34-1941 needs its BR increased. I wouldnt call it a bias, germans had some major problems against Kv- and T-34 tanks, while russians had problems against Tiger/Tiger2, TDs beginning from Stug 3s with long 75mm and late Pz IV models starting from F2 series onwards. Regimes who see the truth as something to manipulate to their own ends don’t selectively lie. level 1. However, contrary opposed it comes to in War Thunder, as this subsequent 5-minute video shows a typical action with the T-34-85E in a realistic battle: Please click on the start button for this c.5 min video ! I've bounced any number of 75, 88, 94, and 105 mm shells off the T34 UFP. 14 November 2020. Radio though, not at modelled in game as far as I know. War Thunder. T-34 bouncing Tiger IIs with their driver's hatch, T-54s with god ammo (hit it with heatfs, nope, only yellow). the russian bias are pretty much an old one, 2014-2017 are it's height in terms of vehicles oddly favour the soviet side, t-34 trolly armour, undertiered planes (Yak3p,Tu4), the IS-6 having extra turret face armour despite not showing in armour viewer are some of the top of my head. Red Alert 3 - Soviet March 2. http://warthunder.com/en/registration... Also seen on Thunder Show! 580 10 December 2020 ... opqo, i thought i saw a T34 and i didnt see many others execpt an M13mgmc. General info Survivability and armour. At 10.0 the Leo2A5 is undoubtedly the best. And who wants (could) to invest some real money: the acquisition of the Premium package of T-34-85E therefore is worthwhile. It's an excellent brawler until it meets a Panzer III driver that knows what he's doing in a brawl. Further production was cancelled in the post-war demilitarization. I wouldn't worry about it. War Thunder is crap. It is not realistic. The power of the T-34 in War Thunder [German captured T-34-747(r)] and 7 kills with one mission with the He 111 H-16.. T-34-747(r) of War Thunder. What BR should get the T29 with its armor/gun combination or the Strv 81 with its gun, ultrazoom and guided missiles? Some others have higher pen rounds, but when it comes to your tank taking vs others taking hits the Leo2A5 comes out on top. This is about half of the tank losses of the Red Army. You have to understand that the T-34 is a well-known Russian tank from WW2.Historically, it was a revolutionary design, which in 1941 formed an unpleasant surprise for the German troops. a 88 can easly pen the upper hull. All Ground. All the tanks you listed generally have pretty good guns especially the T-34 85 and the Super Pershing. gimpy117 612 ... for planes), the player does not need change much if his first T34 got destroyed, there is another T34 variation in his lineup. By contrast, at the moment players of other nations should make a big circle around vehicles with the Battle rating range from 4.3 to 6.3 ! Despite what you might think, gaming a video game is not real life. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I've had 90 mm HEATFS that penetrates 320 mm bounce squarely off the side of a T34-85's turret. Read more: Operation W.I.N.T.E.R. Don’t get me wrong, I am no fan of the Germans, but I can read and interpret data. Need to extend the numbers (and it's pretty tedious to do) to be sure it's not an artifact of limited testing. The War Thunder team would like to wish all our players, their family and their friends a very ‘Merry Christmas’ and a prosperous, peaceful and more importantly, a very … Good speed, good armor, good gun. Example in 1944 Britain was fielding the Cromwell Mk I & V with the 7th Armoured in Normandy; they were meeting German units with Pz IV G & H, Panthers, and some Tiger I's. The model T-34-85 was built in 1944 and is armed with the more powerful 85 mm gun and is located in War Thunder on the BR (Battle Rating) 5.3. The Heavy Tank T34 is a rank IV American heavy tank with a battle rating of 7.0 (AB) and 6.7 (RB/SB). By contrast, the German Wehrmacht on the Eastern Front lost a total of 32,800 armored vehicles of all kinds vs 96,500 Russian tanks. They got rid of 50mm antitank and tank guns for that very reason. Packs Crowns . Read more: Operation W.I.N.T.E.R. This produced the T34 Heavy Tank, which mounted a 120 mm gun based OP though, in theory, the BR system should level things up. Leigh Patton, no Russia bias doesnt exist on war Thunder, od you dont like historical accuracy, go home and watch Hollywood propaganda movies… T-34-85 od not an easy target, and M4A3E8 od not god od tanks, iz is comparable to the first T-34. The Russian BIAS in War Thunder on the example of the T-34-85. Squads . It was introduced during the Closed Beta Test for Ground Forces before Update 1.41. Historically, it was a revolutionary design, which in 1941 formed an unpleasant surprise for the German troops. 1. t34s reloading time is faster than IRL - vs - Panther D reloading time nerffed as hell Both have comparable shell weight and length. Bias because the various decisions that decide how well a tank performs just happen to particularly favour Soviet tanks. Decided to make a classic. there the same B.R. Premium and Battle Pass Coins Vehicles Customization . So far, therefore, in accordance with the kill/loss ratio the following vehicles (with an indication of the Battle Rating = BR) are the most effective ones in Realistic Land Battles.. All Discussions ... Russia bias thread number 76837826 #2. For the life of me, my spaded Cromwell I and Churchill III can't pen the front like my Pz IV or M18 can. The balancing is said to be done after considering the outcomes of all the battles, (presumably weighed in some way by the opposition, some allowance for player level/skill etc) and then either some parameter is tweaked (like reload rate) or the BR is changed. Why is the T34 85 a 5.7? I played War Thunder for more than a year now, I also have some programming background, and it is the most rigged game I’ve never seen. The Dicker Max can 1 shot literally every Soviet tank in the game frontally. Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free: Despite such problems, the tactical options, vehicle setups and use of aircraft over the battlefield makes the game still superior to its competitors. 16 Turán III Prototípus war thunder a39 war thunder german churchill war thunder patch 1.63 war thunder russian bias War Thunder Sim world of tanks amx cdc World of Tanks Best Armor World of Tanks Best tanks World of Tanks Chieftain Mk. I've killed T10M's and T-54's with it. To the suffering of the allied players, however, this was the German captured tank version T-34-747 (r)! The T-34-85 dominates the Battle rating range from 5.3 to 6.3 without any problems: On T-34-85 hardly any serious damage occurs, while its gun can often shoot off easily – with a single shot – most opponent tanks. Except for 57mm's on the British side. its always been wrong. What they are good for is running over unarmed or under armed civilians as they did in Hungary and Czechoslovakia, Clones of Russian tanks did the same thing in Tiananmen Square. There's nothing that sucks the enjoyment out of War Thunder like seeing a T-10M notice you and rush towards you because he knows you can't pen him frontally. To the suffering of the allied players, however, this was the German captured tank version T-34-747 (r)! The ability of Russian tanks has always been a fiction of Stalinist propaganda and continues to this day. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The Russian BIAS in War Thunder on the example of the T-34-85. Moreover, on all the battlefields, the starting positions of the Russian team is fix established and are most times better than for the opponent team (more or better protected positions to rush and capture the CAP-points etc).

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