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Uraurashima has confined the ring with a peripheral space made of his fishing line; he unleashes smoke that makes everyone age reverse, thereby growing younger. With two of the Saint Beasts defeated, the group moves further into Maze Castle. Zeru starts by trying to scare Hiei, with a display of his power. Meanwhile, Shinobu unveils power above either Spirit Energy or Demon Energy - Sacred Energy. It is quite a shock that Kuwabara is actually alive, as his vital points were not damaged. Small demons called Makai Insects are invading the city. Production Information about Toguro Hyaku Pâsento No Kyôfu! With extreme rage Kuwabara strikes Toguro with the Trial Sword splitting the demon in half! Like the rest of the series, it adapts Yoshihiro Togashi 's Yu Yu Hakusho manga from the thirteenth through seventeenth volumes over twenty-eight episodes. The opening to the Demon World is widening rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down. Coming to a room, they meet their next opponent, Seiryu. "Yoko's Magic" (The Desperate Kurama! As Yusuke ponders on whether to accept Raizen's invitation, he says his final farewell to Keiko Yukimura. The heroes have taken Murota to the hospital, where new danger awaits. Sensui requires Kuwabara's help, with or without his consent, so he keeps everyone busy in order to catch the unwary lad apart from the group. They all decide to go to the beach, where Keiko yells for Yusuke at the beach. Toguro begins to suck the souls of the spectators in order to enrage Yusuke to once again bring out his full power. "Ambition Destroyed: A Trial by Light" (Ambition Crushed! Kurama and Hiei, two demons Yusuke beat in his first case, join Yusuke and Kuwabara to battle the Saint Beasts. The first match is over but not the end of problems for Team Urameshi. Botan brings Yusuke to the Spirit World, and there he meets its ruler: Koenma, a 700-year old ruler contained in the body of a toddler. Kuromomotaro's Transformation). Genkai uses one of her many techniques against Shishiwakamaru, using his own energy against him. To avert the situation, Yusuke offers an alternative to war, a tournament whose winner will be crowned the king of the Demon World. What's more, an old nemesis reveals his own master plan. Hiei begins to fight, "Wielder of the Dragon" (The Ultimate Secret Technique! For many it's a parting of the ways. I should get to the Dark Tournament saga sometime this weekend. Kurama is to battle, "Crushing Revenge" (Annihilation! Genkai's Life or Death Battle). Yusuke shoots a massive spirit gun blast that sends the Younger Toguro out of the stadium. Yusuke makes the first mistake by underestimating the strengths of these new adversaries. Hiei goes into hibernation after having drained all his spirit energy. Kuwabara's Counterattack), Using the trial sword given to him by Suzuki, Kuwabara manages to crush the Elder Toguro, ensuring him the victory. The Tempestuous Battle of Captains Commences). But an evil demon, Rando, plans to steal the technique and use it for mass destruction! Kuwabara manages to free Kurama and Hiei, but it's too late. And how will Yusuke stop the powerful leader of this demented castle? (Toguro's Full Power), produced by Studio Pierrot, Yomiko Advertising, Fuji Television. Searching Mushiyori City, Yusuke's team was quickly steered to the hospital, where a trap awaited. Team Urameshi prepares to depart Hanging Neck Island the victor of the sinister Dark Tournament to return to the world of the living leaving their fallen mentor and friend behind. The protagonists prepare to sail home since the tournament has ended. Yusuke and Kuwabara feel sorry for the three human fighters of Team Ichigaki, who're totally controlled against their will, but sympathies for the opponents' plight may get Team Urameshi killed. Yu Yu Hakusho Episode 27 The Dark Tournament Begins. Going up all kinds of spirits, demons, and fellow humans, he was aided in his quest by various characters - … The episodes cover Yusuke Urameshi 's journey to Makai to meet his demon ancestor, and his attempts to resolve the unstable political situation in Makai. The first section is up and running, albiet without screencaps and first broadcast dates. Yu Yu Hakusho - Episode 8 - Part 6/6 - [HD 720p] animeparadise942. Hiei thinks back to when he returned to the village in learning the aftermath of his banishment. Yusuke reveals to Toguro that he has not been fighting at full power and removes the Spirit Cuffs, which reduce his power. He later unleashes his earth powers, initially overwhelming Kuwabara, who is able to stand up to his feet and every critical hit. Karasu is able to overcome and counter all of Yoko Kurama's attacks. Yukina arrives outside the stadium, meeting up with Botan, Keiko, and Shizuru. His target, Kurama! Mr. Butajiri's endless machinations of the Dark Tournament have almost guaranteed a loss for Team Urameshi. Risho easily inflicts further pain upon Kuwabara. "Out With a Bang" (The Scheme Vanishes, Together With the Stadium). It seems an alliance has formed between human criminals and demon mercenaries, with money as the bottom line. Summary: Botan, Keiko, and Shizuru, Kuwabara's sister, arrive at the tournament site to watch Team Urameshi duke it out with their first opponents, Team Rikkuyukai. Kuwabara arrives as Shishiwakamaru forms the cage of hell, trapping Genkai. Watching but unable to help, Kuwabara fights off emotion with rage as he remembers all the good times and bad he's had with his best friend. Yusuke's team has won the first round, but they'll need to win three more to defeat the Game Master and move on to Sensui's lair. Ultimately, a weakened Yomi proves unable to win the tournament, and Enki, one of Raizen's friends, becomes the ruler of the Demon World, and institutes an era of peace for three years. With his team trapped and unable to help, can Yusuke still save the human race? Soon thereafter, the mysterious masked fighter is finally ready to reveal herself to Yusuke. Genkai's ready to transfer her powers to Yusuke, but they final requirement may be more than Yusuke can handle. After making love with this woman, he vowed never to eat another human again, understanding that the two came from opposite backgrounds. Yusuke wakes up and runs into the forest after sensing the Younger Toguro's immense spirit energy. What news would cause her to tremble in terror? Suzuka, a member of the recently beaten Team Uraotogi, has helped by offering two very powerful, yet unstable weapons, hoping that Team Toguro will finally taste defeat. The masked fighter saves Yusuke and Kuwabara from direct attacks by Team Ichigaki, later revealed to be a young woman with pink hair, yet her name is still unknown. Yusuke tests his strength and agility against one of the men, Hokushin, who has the ability of elasticity. The protagonists make it out alive at the last minute. The battle between Kurama and Karasu has come to an end, and an unexpected verdict is made. How will his cheating change matters? Yusuke introduces the rest of the team to their new fighter, a mysterious figure known simply as "The Masked Fighter." Yomi battles his son Shura in the preliminaries, and his overwhelming power coerces Shura to eventually concede. 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This page was last edited on 5 November 2020, at 04:01. Chu's Sui-ken). The battle begins between the Dr. Ichigaki Team and the Urameshi Team. Soon, Hiei gets in the ring, eager to take on his opponent. It aired on December 5, 1992 in Japan and April 20, 2002 in the United States. Yusuke must go to a demon city and defeat the four Saint Beasts in order to save the people of the living world. These three kings has been on a debate concerning the feasting of human bodies for over half a millennium long. "Suzuka's Challenge" (Demon Battler Suzuki's Challenge! When they reach their hotel room, they are greeted by two mysterious fighters from Team Rokuyukai, the team they are to face in the first round of the tournament. The captain of the ship soon announces that a preliminary round will decide which team will actually be going to the Dark Tournament. However, this only transforms Kurama to his original and possibly stronger form, which is the fox demon, Yoko Kurama. Hiei faces Kuro Momotaro, who uses steaming spheres to apply beast armor, granting him virtual invincibility. After being saved in the nick of time by Puu, Yusuke revels in his new power and resumes his battle with Sensui. Bodypaint of Death), Kurama's spirit energy is sealed by the dying efforts of Gama, as his paint was actually mixed with his blood. The opening theme is "Hohoemi no Bakudan" (微笑みの爆弾, lit. Compiled of a group of greedy mafia warlords, Toguro convinces Yusuke, as Yusuke gathers Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara for his team, the gang sets out to compete in the tournament. Twelve DVD compilations, each containing either three or four episodes of the saga, have been released by Funimation. The tension mounts as the end of the tournament nears, and still Rando has not been discovered. Looking for information on the anime Yuu☆Yuu☆Hakusho (Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files)? Can they make it there in time to prevent the end of the world? This beast will decide his fate. Now, if only Kuwabara can live long enough through its dormancy to enjoy the benefits. And what could their connection be to the tunnel to demon World? A total of 6,272 demons signed up for the tournament. Yusuke is now fighting the leader of Team Rikkuyukai, the powerful Chu. A Baptism by Light), The masked fighter uses the spirit wave technique to remove the blood-saver node from their bodies, thereby defeating them. Consequently, Yomi forces Kurama to serve him under threat of killing his human mother. Yusuke then agrees … First up: Team Urameshi vs Team Rokuyukai, with Kuwabara facing Rinku, a boy with surprising talent, unabashed ruthlessness, and some very unusual weapons. "Toguro's Wish" (Toguro's Atonement -- His Greatest Desire). Hiei and Mukuro battle, each questioning the chains that each others' pasts have left on them. Kurama steps forth to battle Gamemaster for the right to move on to Sensui's lair and Yusuke senses that one of them will not make it out alive. Soon Kuwabara will have to fight against an opponent who wields a special sword. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Movie - Conqueror of Shamballa, "Hot Wheels Robo Wheels Giveaway" Sweepstakes, http://web.archive.org/web/20030413184146/http://schedule.cartoonnetwork.com/servlet/ScheduleServlet?action=viewAll&showID=321141&show=Yuyu+Hakusho&filter=tm, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002). How will Kurama win the fight, when so much is at stake? But why is Hiei not allowed to know? The series first aired on February 23, 2002. Three members of Team Toguro demonstrate their power on another team in the semifinals. "Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men" October 24, 1992. It's busy transforming into something greater.

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